Monday, April 1, 2013

Currently {April}

Listening: For the first time in three years, I am actually listening to and enjoying music again. That's not an entirely accurate statement. Hmmm... Let me try again. For the last three years, the only kind of music I could really listen to was worship music, and this has been a blessing. In my grief I found that secular music, even my favorite artists, triggered emotions I didn't want to feel - emotions that I had associated with Michael. So, I chose to listen almost entirely to worship music because it caused me to focus on God's love for me. I'm still listening to a lot of worship music, but I am enjoying country music and my favorite artists all over again. Here's a really cool cover of an old Hall & Oates' song (gotta love the ukelele!):

Loving: that it's Spring Break! We are spending it in Massachusetts with Mark and his family. We packed our winter wear. Their spring is like a southern California winter, or so I've gathered. ;)

Thinking: about ideas for Michaela's upcoming second birthday party. How can I make a Thomas & Friends party theme girly enough for my girly-girl? I've scouted out items on Etsy, and even the cutest stuff is boyish. Am I the only mommy with a little girl who is crazy for Thomas? I did find this, though:

I think I'll have to order that one. She'll probably want to wear it every day!

Wanting: to see the first signs of spring this month. I am looking forward to the first bloom of my roses in a few more weeks. 

Needing: to have a garage sale. I have written about this in a previous post, but I still haven't had one. The used baby gear is taking over any extra space we have here. It's gotta go!