Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Big Plan

I didn't think I'd be able to share this plan of mine so soon, but after a couple of conversations this past week I am free to do so.

We are moving, Lord willing.

Emphasis on "Lord willing".

I completely submit myself to His will for our lives. If He wants us in Idaho this year, then He will provide a way for us. Many prayers have been prayed and will be prayed regarding this big plan.

I have thought about leaving California a few times over the last twenty years. I'd travel to other areas in the country and be charmed by them. I'd see that California did not have a corner on the market of living well. However, family ties, my job, and other extenuating circumstances always have made it easier to stay than to go.

It would, in some ways, still be easier to stay than go. But I am convicted that we need to go.

About eighteen months ago, a plan to leave began formulating in my mind. I first considered Colorado. I have a first cousin who moved there, and my aunt and uncle have spent a lot of time there with them. But the more I researched, I was drawn to Idaho instead.

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I had traveled with my family to Idaho as a young girl on our way to Montana, and again as a teenager on our way to Montana. It was a stop along the way. I did not remember much of it to be honest.

Today Idaho is the fastest growing state in the nation. Even so, the entire population of the state is less than 2 million people. If I did the math right, that's like five percent of the population of California.

So Michaela and I visited Boise, Idaho during Spring Break last year, and our visit confirmed what my research had led me to believe. Boise will be a good fit for us.

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In Boise, we will enjoy a much lower cost of living, less congestion and traffic, be able to afford a larger home, get out into natural areas for recreation more easily and in less time, have access to cultural and educational enrichment, enjoy four seasons, and live under less government regulation and ridiculousness, not to mention less crime.

We have friends there. We know of more friends, neighbors, and extended family members who are moving there in the near future. We won't be alone entirely.

Michaela will be able to attend a great Christian school in Boise all the way through high school. Our friends' daughters have attended this school, and our friend Stacy worked at the school for many years.

So I am in the process of putting together my application for a Interim Idaho Teaching Credential. I had to disclose my plans to my school district's assistant superintendent of Human Resources because I needed his department's help to complete the required paperwork. He was very understanding and supportive. I also had the conversation with my principal, and received the same support and understanding. I think a lot of people "get it".

My plans are entirely dependent on getting a teaching job in the Boise area. So that is my focus now. There are two very large school districts in the Treasure Valley that combined serve over 60,000 students. I have read that each year another 1000 students enroll in these districts, so it seems as though there will be job opportunities.

I am very excited to blog about our quest to relocate to the Gem State!