Tuesday, February 11, 2014






We've been so close to this for so long, but two weekends ago I showed Michaela some tough love and insisted that she wear her Big Girl Panties. Did we have accidents? Yes. Within the first hour of this experiment, she had wet herself and my fabric sofa.


I was undeterred. After cleaning up, I covered the sofa cushions with old towels, and we continued with much better results. She was catching on. She'd already mastered #2 weeks ago. This was all about #1.

However, last week Grammy wasn't ready for Big Girl Panties because she was afraid of a repeat of our sofa accident. Truthfully, I was very frustrated about that. I knew that like everything in raising children, consistency is the key to success.

I found this, and was INSPIRED!

This past weekend was a three-day weekend, and we picked up where we had left off the previous weekend. She had two minor accidents, but overall the weekend was a huge success. I am so dang proud of her!

Now Grammy's on board. Yea! (Thanks, Mom!) Michaela spent the whole day in BGPs and had zero accidents. I knew she could do it!

I have ditched the diaper bag for good. Now we have a fabric storage box with a portable potty, wipes, and a change of clothes. It will go back and forth between my van and Grammy's van. Potty breaks will be doable anytime, anywhere.

Speaking of "anytime, anywhere" we have used a lot of public restrooms since we started this routine. Is there not anything worse than taking your precious, curious toddler into a public restroom? No matter how many times I tell her not to touch anything, she does. Guh-ross… Not only will we be washing our hands, I am going to stock up on hand sanitizer. Lots of it.

Now I have to fulfill my promise to buy her a play kitchen. No problem. Since I'll be saving about $55 a month not buying diapers, I can swing it.