Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I think it goes without saying that anyone who has experienced a loss has mixed feelings about the holidays. For me, I am happy to do things with Michaela because it's all so new and exciting for her. But there's a longing for a Christmastime that can never be without Michael. Nevertheless, we have been getting out and experiencing as much as we can.

Although we don't have a tree again this year, or lights on the house, we did decorate the living room with some of my favorite Christmas things. Michaela's favorite thing is her Little People nativity scene. She also has a Little People advent calendar, and it's fun for her to put up a new piece of the nativity scene each day. I downloaded the Jacquie Lawson advent calendar, and we've been enjoying all of its features each day when we get home. At bedtime, we're reading a sweet book called the Advent Storybook. I think the storyline is a little too complex for Michaela right now, but I can see that it might become a wonderful tradition next year and beyond.

Perhaps Michaela's favorite thing about Christmas right now is the Caillou Holiday Movie. I made the mistake of recording it recorded it on the DVR, and she insists on watching all 90 minutes of it over and over again. She bawls when it's over! I think she's in love with Caillou. I hope her taste in men improves in the future...

We celebrated Michael's birthday on the tenth by going over to Disneyland with Grandma, Grammy, and Sarah. My favorite thing about Christmas at Disneyland is the incredible fireworks show and when they make it snow. It's magical.

I've done a lot of shopping online, but Michaela has been great about going shopping with me. She knows we'll go out for lunch, and that if she's a big helper she'll get to take home a little something for herself. While I still think it would be easier to shop on my own, she has been really good every time we've gone out.

Last night, we went with Grammy, Papa, and Auntie to EV Free Church for their Christmas Boulevard event. This was our second year attending, and I had been looking forward to it. It's a huge event with sledding hills, toasting your own marshmallows over open fires, a concert, puppy petting pen (Michaela was not thrilled about the puppies, though), bounce houses, craft and ornament making stations, food trucks, and the best Santa! Our family friend, John Norling, is the photographer. He took a great photo of us last year, and we got several really nice shots again this year. I have decided not to send out Christmas cards this year, so this is our virtual Christmas greeting to all:

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I hope that this Christmas you will be surrounded by those you love, and that you will know the love of Jesus - because Christmas is all about Him.

All the Christmas presents in the world
are worth nothing without the presence of Christ.
David Jeremiah