Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Michaela's Baby Dedication

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Michaela @ Three Months

Michaela just a day shy of three months old

My beautiful girl is growing so quickly! We don't have an appointment with the pediatrician until next month, but I'm guessing that Michaela weighs somewhere between thirteen and fourteen pounds by now. She's not chunky, although she is pleasantly squishy. She's just really long. We are already growing out of the 3 months and 3-6 months clothing in some cases. Yesterday, I pulled out the cutest embellished onesie that was marked 6 months, but it was much too small already. That is the first time she hasn't been able to wear something because I didn't get it out in time for her. Oh, well! We're finding that two-piece outfits allow for her long torso, and I just ordered several things like that from Janie & Jack - clearance, of course! They are things from their spring and summer collection, and since we are heading into the hottest time of the year here, they will be perfect for September and October.

She has gone from being a really good sleeper, to waking up several times a night. I am transitioning her out of the swaddle because she outgrew the largest size. Instead she is wearing the Aden & Anais sleeping bag, but it's not like a swaddle.

Michaela is eating up to six ounces of formula at a time. Her reflux seems to be well managed with the Zantac. She doesn't like to take the Zantac, however.

She just woke up from her morning nap. Gotta go!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Gymboree Days

Michaela at Gymboree yesterday!

There has been a Gymboree Music and Play location in our neighborhood for as long as I can remember. It's right next to the little diner where Michael and I liked to have breakfast on a regular basis. While we would wait for a table, we'd peer in the windows of Gymboree and imagine when we'd have a little one of our own and what fun it would be to go there together.

Last weekend, Michaela and I began attending classes there. I had no idea that they offered sessions for such little ones, but their Level 1 group is intended for babies from 0-6 months old. I would have started sooner had I known because it is just so much fun for both of us! There's a lot of singing (parents not babies, of course!), tummy time, bubbles, puppets, flashlights, rattles,  baby massage, parachute play, etc. The instructors know a lot about the developmental stages and they are very informative. I've worked with children for a long time, but I'm learning new things about these little ones and what they can do. It's also fun to see the other babies and talk with other parents. We can go three times a week at this level, and I look forward to our Gymboree days!

On Tuesday, we went to lunch with my dear friend Heather at the little diner next store. She realized that our Gymboree is owned by her brother-in-law. When she told him that we had joined recently, he offered us a sweet discount on our membership. Such a generous thing to do, and one of those small world experiences.

Michaela and Mommy heart Gymboree! It could only be more fun if Daddy were here to share it with us, but I think we're (I'm) going to have that feeling about so many things until we all get Home together someday.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baby Bullets ;)

We have been busy! Here's what's up with us.
  • Last week we joined Paulette and Annalise in Shell Beach for a few days. Her parents have a beautiful vacation home there just a few houses in from the ocean. The weather wasn't very summer-like, but I enjoyed the fog and the cool temperatures. One particularly wonderful moment was the walk I took late one afternoon with Michaela in her Baby Bjorn. We walked down the street that parallels the ocean. The sun was out then, and the breeze was just right. I felt very happy and content in the time it took to take our walk. I haven't had too many moments like that since Michael went home, and they really stand out when they occur. I did wish he was there with us, but sharing the moment with Michaela was very sweet.
  • Before our little trip, my parents blessed me by giving me their Toyota Sienna. I had been driving my grandmother's seventeen year old Camry for the last two years, and it was fine until Michaela (and all her stuff) arrived. Now we have a safe and reliable vehicle, that holds all our stuff (like her stroller, our groceries, and the dog), and it's really comfortable, too. It was an answer to prayer because I knew I needed something better for us, but I just wasn't in the position to purchase a new vehicle.
  • I got my haircut today:

My hairdresser took several inches off and layered it. She also gave me a lot of suggestions for styling my hair quickly on school mornings. She's a mom. She gets it.
  • I am into these little felt hair clips for Michaela:

I had purchased one several years ago when I was anticipating the adoption of a little girl from China. I came across it in the top drawer of her dresser, and have since found several others for her on Etsy. With all of her hair, she can wear them easily. She doesn't like headbands, but these don't seem to bother her at all and they are so cute!
  • We are just enjoying every day together. I will have to return to work in four weeks, and it's something I don't even like to think about. I wish I could be a stay-at-home mom for her. There's no better job than being her mommy.