Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Mother's Day

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Okay, so this was another one of those holidays that I had sort of been dreading as it approached. Mother's Day has become one of those Hallmark holidays where you're supposed to be lavished with jewelry and all sorts of pampering by your husband and children. Right? Well, when you're a widow with a very young child, that's just not going to happen. So, I had given myself a pep talk about how it really isn't that important, and what's important is that I am a mom - finally.

However, about a week before Mothers Day I was desperate for a pedicure, and I realized that the reason I didn't like the way my hair looked was because I hadn't had a haircut since late October or early November. It is just so hard to get those things done on the weekends with Michaela. So they get done very infrequently. In my desperation, I wrote on my Facebook wall that all I wanted for Mother's Day was a haircut and a pedicure, but that I needed a babysitter.

Coming to my rescue was my sweet friend, Ashley. She offered to come up on Saturday morning with her daughter, Sophie, and that they would keep Michaela entertained while I enjoyed my haircut and pedicure. I was so touched by Ashley's willingness to do so. She's just an incredibly generous and thoughtful person. Anyway, while Michaela played with Ashley and Sophie, I enjoyed some time to myself.

Ashley also surprised me with a bouquet of flowers and a card that Michaela had obviously "dictated" to her. Made me cry happy tears.

Sunday afternoon we went to my sister's to lounge in her beautiful garden. Michaela loves their koi pond, and she was delighted to put her hands in the pond and "pet" the fish. Julie (and company) put together a delicious dinner, too. It was such a nice afternoon.

So, I made it through my first Mother's Day without having to feel too sorry for myself. I am so blessed to be Michaela's mommy, and to have such loving and supportive friends and family.


  1. Glad to hear you had a nice Mother's Day and it sounds like Ashley is a wonderful friend!

  2. OH, that sounds like a wonderful day! :) I gotta say in 20+ years of marriage, my hubby has never bought me a present on Mother's Day. His excuse is that I am not his mother! But you are right in that the media sure pushes that image of the husband doting on his wife, that's for sure. I bet Michael would have ;)


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