Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rethinking Summer Vacation

Well, now that I'm not marrying someone who's really wrong for me making huge life changes this summer, it's time to shift gears and rethink our summer plans.

School gets out on June 18th, and then we'll have more than ten luxurious weeks off from the daily grind. Right now it's an almost blank canvas, and I'm kind of overwhelmed. The first summer after Michaela was born was just a wonderful period of adjustment - the babymoon. Oh, how I loved that little baby punkin. Aside from sleep deprivation, it was all good. And last summer, she was just walking and so it was exciting to do new things together.

This summer I am anticipating the need to keep Michaela very busy. She is a very active little girl!

We already have plans to spend a week in Kauai with my parents in August. So that will be great! We also hope to visit our friends in San Francisco and the Central Coast, and spend a weekend with my aunt and uncle in San Diego. But that still leaves a lot of time to fill.

I think we'll:

Go back to Gymboree.

Take a weekly trip to Centennial Farms.

Go to storytime at the library.




And that's about as far as I can get for weekly activities. I draw a blank after that.

Help! What do you moms of toddlers do with your kiddos?! Working mom needs help! I kind of feel like an idiot for not knowing what more to do. Sigh...


  1. Idiot, Ouch, that's a bit harsh. Pool time, lots of pool time.
    Childrens Museum if you have one.
    It's 6.30 and I just woke up I will keep thinking when by brain is more alert.

  2. I second the park! We go almost every day; in the morning before it gets too hot. And don't laugh, but we go to the pet store a lot to look at the fish...we don't have a zoo within hundreds of miles of us! Look for community events too, like festivals and fairs. You will have a great time even if you "just" hang out at home, doing some coloring and blowing bubbles in the grass! :)

  3. Don't forget to take some time for yourself as well...during the school year, I am sure you are just on a treadmill of work and Michaela. It's ok to have someone watch her for a few hours during the week in the summer so that you can just "be"! Aside from that, when my girls were toddlers we did seek out playgrounds with water features (like little sprinklers)...if you have any of those, they are fun. Also, don't be afraid to venture to the beach with her. That is something I love to do with my girls and I am always amazed at how it is so much easier than I think it's going to be. It's a great place to just turn off your phone (or leave it in the car) and be present in the moment with your child.

  4. Parks, parks, parks.

    Find a buddy and take turns hosting play dates.

    Children`s museum.

    Theme parks etc that offer a season pass. The type of place you normally have to spend a full day to get your moneys worth, but with a season pass you can go for a couple of hours during non peek times.

    Don`t forget to just let yourself have down time. Late breakfast, late shower, the joy of no place to be.

    Book stores often offer story times too.

    Look for a cooperative preschool ( mommy and me type) in your area. Ours are sponsored by our local community colleges.

    ENJOY! Soon summer will be filled with obligations, sports schedules, etc.

  5. Sometimes movie theaters offer really cheap tickets for kids movies. If the price is right it might be worth doing. I think we pay under a buck per movie here, that would be worth it even if she did not sit through the entire movie.

  6. When Kyle was young I had one day a week that my Mom watched him during the summer. At that time I did all my errands, grocery shopping, chores, my own doctor appts, etc...The other days we went to a Mom and me music class at local music store, we went to public library storytime, filled up a little pool in yard and he swam while I soaked my toes, took him to swim lessons at Y starting at age 3, went to local bookstore storytime, tried to find a friend to do something with one morning a week, played in our yard, went to the park, had quiet time/nap time every afternoon....if no nap at least some quiet time, went to get ice cream, went to the mall to walk around and look sometimes, went to the local schools baseball games in the park to watch the big kids play, tons and tons of time playing in a sand box and in a water table in the backyard, and let's be honest...watched some TV as well....Barney and Sesame Street were big favorites of his....and Dora and The Wonder Pets! We had some "screen time" each day to just chill and watch a show or wasn't all day but when the heat was awful and it was gettting overwhelming filling the time, we did watch TV. Chalk on a driveway or sidewalk and making chalk pictures always took up time and was fun! It DOES seem overwhelming and huge....he is now 13 and I still feel that way....but it always fills up nicely and there are things that will pop up. You need a day for YOU, though....and then the other 6 days a week wil go so much smoother!! Hugs!!


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