Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stitch Fix #5

So back in August I had decided to bump up the frequency of my fixes to about twice a month. I really didn't do any back-to-school shopping - I wanted Stitch Fix to do it for me! But maybe I should have done a little shopping as this was not my favorite fix. I am still waiting for that fix where I just have to have all five items, but sadly this was not it.

Stitch Fix has a lot of features built into it so that you give your stylist feedback in addition to your style profile. After each fix, I complete a survey about each piece and what I liked (or didn't like) about it. There's also a place to write a note to your stylist to communicate about what you'd like to see in your upcoming fix. I always use that feature, and this time I asked for a dress I'd seen on another blogger's Stitch Fix review, a light-weight cardigan in a color other than black, more blouses, and a statement necklace.

Here's the dress I really liked:

Picture from TheBoxQueen dot com

Here is the note I received from my stylist - well, I should say from this month's stylist as that seems to change each time:

Okay, so that lovely dress was no longer in stock - no problem. However, the dress she substituted for it was very different:

This is the Elizabella Paisley Print Sleeveless Wrap Dress by Ark n Co ($34). The print was really pretty.

However, I really didn't care for the length of the dress. It hit me just below my mid-thigh about four inches above the knee. Being that I wear dresses (most often) to school or church, this would not be appropriate at that length. It was also a little small for me. It took me no time at all to decide I would be sending it back.

Next I tried the Collective Concepts Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse in navy ($54) with the Pixley Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace ($34):

I liked the necklace, but I didn't love it. I liked the blouse, but it's nothing special. In the end, I sent the necklace back and kept the blouse. I could see the blouse being a nice basic piece in my wardrobe. I wore it with a pair of khaki colored cropped pants and a different necklace the other day, and I liked the way I felt in it. I would never have chosen it on my own. That's a good thing. I want to end up with some things that I would not have tried otherwise.

Then I tried on the 41Hawthorn Carson Front-Twist Sleeveless Blouse ($58):

I may be smiling in that picture, but it wasn't because I liked this piece. I have something very similar in a deep vibrant pink that I really love, but this mustard color was not a hit with me. I tend to choose cooler colors because I think they compliment my fair skin and dark hair more than earthy tones do. This had to be sent back.

Lastly, I tried on the Market and Spruce Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Cardigan ($58):

It was lightweight, but it was either made from a wool-blend or an acrylic. It made me itch, and I would have only been able to wear it on the coolest of days here in southern California. I did think it was flattering and a unique design. Just not enough to love about it, so I sent it back.

Now I've adjusted my fixes back to once a month, and I've suggested in my note that perhaps it would be beneficial to have the same stylist more than once. At this point, I'm not exactly sure what I'd like to see in next month's box, but I'll be pinning things I like on my Pinterest board. The stylists do seem to use that to help them with their choices, and it's an easy thing to do.

If you'd like to try Stitch Fix, please use my referral link to get started. When you schedule your first fix, I'll receive a $25 credit toward my next fix - as will you when you refer a friend!


  1. IT is such fun to have these boxes delivered but I would end up so frustrated if nothing worked. I do love the blouse you kept and the dress was pretty.......even if it was short enough to be a top LOL

  2. That dark pink dress that was out of stock would have been great on you. I'm surprised that the fit of many of these clothes is so bad, as are the styles you keep receiving. It seems that the stylists aren't considering your shape at all and just send you random things. I would never have chosen that green dress for you or most of the necklines of these blouses. I can just see you falling out of the dress and the blouse and you lean down over one of your students! I wonder if you're being firm enough in your evaluations...


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