Saturday, January 30, 2016

Another Milestone

Last Thursday night I attended the "Prospective Parent Night" at the school I intend to enroll Michaela in for Kindergarten. This particular school has been in the plan all along, but when you're finally within a few months of it all coming to be it's kind of overwhelming!

I can hardly believe how fast the last (almost) five years have gone by.

From this:

To this:

... in a blink of an eye.

Before I lost Michael, I always thought Michaela would attend school at one of the schools in my public school district. But since Michaela was born, I began to want something different for her education. I want her education to support her growth in her faith. My faith has helped sustain me through so much, and I want to give her the best start I can in her relationship with the Lord. 

The school I've chosen is affiliated with my parents' church, and it is a Christ-centered and academically excellent school. I believe she will thrive there. In addition to music, art, P.E., and other extracurricular activities, Michaela will attend chapel once a week and have Bible class four times a week at this school. Another nice thing about her school is that several of my mother's friends from church (who knew me as a child) work at the school teaching art and music, and providing before and after school care. I love that they will have a role in Michaela's education.

I am sad to be leaving her early childhood behind, but excited for her to have new experiences and friendships. 


  1. It does fly by in the blink of an eye. Every happy milestone is tinged with sadness. We want them to grow up and are proud of their progress, but it's difficult to leave the last stages behind. I'm privileged I get to be a small part of my daughters' lives. Sometimes, though, I wish I could at least visit the past for small periods of time and hold them and rock them once again.

    1. That is exactly how I feel, Susanna!

  2. I want my youngest to attend a school that sounds very similar to the one you described. I had my oldest three at it for electives when we first moved and I was very impressed with it. In this day and age, I believe it's crucial to surround our children with Christ-centered life.


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