Monday, March 7, 2016

Six Years

Today marks the sixth anniversary of Michael's passing.

Last night we had dinner with Michael's parents and his aunt. It was good to be with some of the people who love him and miss him.

The night Michael went home, his mom and his aunt were here with us. They almost went home for dinner, but after attending mass in the neighborhood here, they came back first. Within a very short time of their arrival, Michael took his last breath on Earth and took his first glimpse of Eternity.

I say it every year, but it really is hard to believe that it's been six years already. It just goes to show you how brief life is, really. Time continues it's relentless march into the future no matter what happens in our lives. I am grateful that my future is in the hands of the One in whose presence Michael now lives.

Today is a day to take a break from the daily grind, and be with Michael's best gift to me - Michaela. We are enjoying the rainy weather and a quiet morning in our little home.

And for those who haven't seen this memorial video, here it is again. If you didn't know Michael, then you will see why he was so loved.

Updated to add my first "vlog":

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  1. I never saw Michael's memorial video. It was so neat to see him and hear him speaking and playing his music after all these years of watching you loving him, marrying him, losing him and then having Michaela. Life has turned out so much harder for you and I than we could ever have anticipated.


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