Friday, July 1, 2011

Poor Little Neglected Blog

Michaela has a beautiful smile, but I haven't caught it on camera yet.

Not much time for blogging these days because Michaela keeps me very busy! She is thriving and a pure joy. I am so blessed to be her mommy.

What's new? Well, we are getting out of the house more frequently now. Earlier this week we had a successful afternoon with Teresa and Wren at Fashion Island. Both babies slept most of the afternoon, and we mommies were able to have lunch, walk around, and have a nice visit. It's so nice to be sharing this new season of life with such a good friend.

We've also gone to church, the farmers market, to Auntie Julie's, and to both sets of grandparents' homes. It takes forever to get ready, and I feel like I'm taking enough gear with us for a weekend camping trip. But it's so good once we are on our way!

Whenever we can, we are walking through the neighborhood and the local park. Buffy walks with us and she's really good even with the stroller. I lost the first thirty pounds of my pregnancy weight without trying to, but the next 15-20 are going to require some effort on my part. I'm trying to eat smart and work up to the three-mile walk I used to do. Hopefully that will be enough. I am concerned that if I do not drop at least ten more pounds before I go back to work, that I will still be wearing maternity clothes then. I can't bear to do that! I need my Ann Taylor Loft wardrobe. I look in my closet and see so many cute things that I just can't fit into and it makes me feel all Boo Boo Kitty.

I'm learning which baby gear products work for us and which don't. Conceptually, everything seems so great, but in my real life everything does not live up to my expectations. Maybe I should devote a post to what I've learned, but not right now.

Anyway, we are doing well. Every day brings something new and sweet to enjoy because of Michaela.


  1. Wonderful to see you getting your "sea legs". Motherhood is suiting you to a "t". Take care

  2. She looks so pensive.

    I moderate an on-line Yahoo support/resource group from mothers called Booby Brigade. We have 2,500 local mothers and it is a great place to post questions, buy/sell gently used baby items, get referrals, and general support (it started many years ago when a group of mom's met at the Pump Station in Santa Monica and wanted to stay in touch).

    Also, if you don't belong to Peachhead (another Yahoo group, it is another GREAT resource group made up of 12,000 LA families). If you'd like to get connected to either, let me know.

    Happy 4th!

  3. Feeling "all BooBoo Kitty" is one of the funniest things I have read in awhile. Cute saying!! I believe I shall incorporate it into my everyday vocabulary.

    Your darling Micheala is just that ... darling. Motherhood looks good on you. Take care ...

  4. Terynn, I cannot take credit for that saying. I believe there was a Boo Boo Kitty on Laverne & Shirley back in the day. That was the inspiration! :)


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