Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Michaela @ Eleven Months

Michaela watching Sesame Street in her toy basket this morning.

And here we are in the home stretch to Michaela's first birthday already. My goodness!

Growth: We won't see the pediatrician until next month, but Michaela is lengthening out more and more. She still fits in 12 month clothing, but she has just about outgrown her size 3 shoes. She's still wearing a size 3 diaper.

Eating: Michaela is usually a good eater. She loves to feed herself, and she's always interested in what Mommy has to eat. She is still taking 24 ounces of formula every day in a bottle, but she also drinks several ounces of water every day from a sippy cup.

Sleeping: Michaela goes down for a nap in her crib when Mommy decides it's time without much complaint. She still takes a morning and an afternoon nap. Most of her naps are an hour and a half long. While she goes to bed in her crib between 7:00 and 7:30 pm each night, when I am ready for bed I bring her into my bed with me. If we don't have to get up to get ready for school, she will sleep in until 6:30 or 7:00 am.

Other developments: Michaela's language skills are blossoming. She not only says "Mama", but she's also saying "bay-bee". She calls Buffy "Buh" or "Bee". She will look out the window for birds and say "bur". She is also trying to say "kitty" but I can't remember how she says that right now. Michaela loves animals, especially dogs. I think when she says "guh" it's her way of saying dog.

Last Sunday night, she learned how to climb the stairs at Grammy and Papa's house. She was so proud of herself!

Michaela has a great sense of fun. She is almost always happy and she loves to be silly and laugh. She tends to fuss when I change her diaper, but if I pretend to cry along with her, she starts laughing at me. She watches everything I do. When I apply hand sanitizer after changing her, she rubs her hands together like I do. When I sit with the laptop, she wants to press the keys, too. Monkey see, monkey do!

I have some ideas for her birthday party, but I need to get serious about all that in the next few weeks. I have decided that it will have a birdy theme, but I need to decide how to implement that. I don't want to do too much, but I do want it to be special for her.

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  1. She is just lovely. 11 months? Already so soon...gosh that went fast.


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