Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Michaela @ Fourteen Months

Snacks make me happy!

Oh, my! Another month has passed. I think having children really gives you a perspective on just how short our lives really are. I don't say that to be morbid, but just because I'm truly amazed at how quickly she is growing and changing.

The biggest change in the last month is that Michaela is walking. Well, she can walk. Let me put it that way. She still prefers to crawl. She took her first steps in June shortly before school got out. Then I didn't see her try to walk again for about two weeks. Michaela will walk now with encouragement, but she's still not confident enough to give up crawling. That's okay with Mommy. Another advancement is that she is learning to climb up on the sofa. She will do this, sometimes needing a little boost from me, and then get back down to try again. She is very pleased with herself about this!

Michaela talks all day long. She has the sweetest little voice, and I love her baby talk. I also love how she gestures with her hands when she's talking. She's so cute! Some of her new "real" words are: shoes, Papa (what we call my dad), and Chew (for her "chewy" cloth - the one in her mouth much of the time). When I ask her if she wants something, she kind of says "yeah" and bobs her whole body in agreement. If she doesn't want something she grunts and shakes her head. She points at things she wants or places she wants to go. The first time she said "shoes" was when we were in our church's thrift shop and she saw all the metallic ladies shoes on a display rack. She just said "shoes" out of the blue, and she's been saying it ever since.

Michaela drops most of her food on the floor. Makes me crazy.  Of course, she thinks it's funny. She seems to have become a more picky eater recently, and much of her food is refused or littered. She almost always will eat rice, grilled cheese sandwiches, and pasta. She's a carb lover for sure, and she comes by that naturally. She usually likes fruit, too. But she will get on a kick with one kind of fruit or another, and then she's done with it and you just can't get her to eat it again. She was crazy about strawberries and cantaloupe for a while, and now she has a fit if I offer either of them to her.

She is vacillating between one and two naps a day. This week she has not wanted to sleep in her crib at all, and has preferred to fall asleep on the living room floor or the sofa. I am not happy about that, and I hope we are getting past that already. It makes it really hard for me to get things done - like blogging!

We have been having a lot of fun together since school got out. We've managed to go to church, and Michaela does very well in the nursery. It is hard to get it together to go anywhere, but it's so important to me that we make it to church regularly. I need it, and she needs to feel comfortable there. The older she gets, the more time we will spend there.

I love being a SAHM, and I wish that was my "real" job. Maybe someday. It would take a miracle, but I believe in those.

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