Sunday, January 20, 2013

Michaela @ Twenty Months

Last Friday, Michaela hit the twenty month mark! We are just four more months from her second birthday. Amazing...

Almost overnight it seemed she outgrew much of the winter wardrobe I'd hoped would see us through February or March. The feet in her fleece jammies were just too small, and her onesies were too short for her long torso. So on Saturday we headed out to take advantage of some good sales and to use Mommy's coupons to buy clothes in 24 months and 2T sizes for the rest of the winter. We were very successful! Halfway through our shopping trip, we stopped for lunch. Michaela made herself very busy with the crayons they provided to her, but she didn't eat much.

Michaela's vocabulary is very large, and she tries new words every day. "Gammy" and "Gamma" are the names she calls my mom and Michael's mom. She loves to color in coloring books, and she will ask for her "cuhlors". "Brah-gee" is broccoli. I am not "Mama". I'm "Mama, Mama, Mama!" When I tell her to do something, she answers with "Okay!" Too cute. Anyway, her words and phrases are too numerous for me to recall at this point. She just talks all the time, and she makes a good effort to be understood.

At bedtime she will now allow me to read a book to her. We just have to stick with the same book each night. If I try to change it up, she gets a little silly. So, we've been reading Goodnight Moon almost every night. We still co-sleep, and most of the time we both sleep well.

So, yeah. Twenty months. Lots of sweet memories behind us now, and many sweet ones yet to be made.


  1. Michaela is a sweetie! I can't help but go "aww" in my heart here. I LOVE babies. Happy almost-birthday to Michaela!

  2. Michaela has always been so beautiful...and she's growing into such a beautiful toddler! I loved this age with Lilly. She always tried so hard to copy all we did and said.

    On a personal note, I don't know if you are still dealing with SSA, but I ended up getting an attorney for help with my disability claim. It took 36 months from first filing to final ruling, but the Judge was angry that I was left hanging. There was no doubt I am disabled and so he dickered with the dates in my claim and I don't understand how, but I ended up with 2 years of backpay, plus Medicare coverage immediately. So, if you aren't working with an attorney, I might seriously consider getting one.



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