Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One, two, three. Listen to Mommy!

Michaela is so good natured. When we are at Gymboree or swim lessons, she's all about having fun. No tears. No clingy-ness. It makes me so happy to see her having a good time, but one thing I've noticed is that she hasn't learned to listen to the teacher. Being a teacher, this is an important lesson in my book.

So a couple of days ago, I began to encourage her to listen to her teachers. When she does, she can do anything they direct her to. The difference since I started talking to her about this was really noticeable to me yesterday at Gymboree. I pointed out how the teacher shakes a tambourine when she's going to tell them or show them something new. Michaela caught on quickly.

Before we arrived for our first swim lesson today, I reminded her that it was important to listen to the teacher during our lesson. She did such a good job in the pool - kicking, learning to relax on her back, even going underneath the water all the way!

Once we were home, and she was eating lunch, she told me that she had listened to her teacher. Yes, she had! What was so remarkable to me about her statement was that we were not talking about the swim lesson. She seemed to be reflecting on her swim lesson. So cute!

Now, if only I could get her to listen to me when it's time to get out of the bathtub...


  1. And we always listened to our Lord and Teacher - what a difference it would make.

    Grace be with you.

  2. Miss Daisy sometimes doesn't like what she hears. Head-banging, fainting, collapsing, crying tantrums, full-on drama. All this, because she can't have ice cream for breakfast!

  3. Colette, my Aunt Maureen told me that you are a friend and co-worker of hers. So nice to "meet" you here!

    We have not had the usually temper tantrums so far. Instead, Michaela will be uncooperative at times and laugh all the while. I was not expecting that type of behavior, but it presents its own challenges.

    Asking for odd breakfast items is typical around here, too. Popsicles and crackers are favorite requests. :)


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