Thursday, June 20, 2013

Play Time!

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We are really excited to have fun at Gymboree this summer. Last summer, we just didn't make good use of our membership. The times we did go, I felt like there were just too many kids there. Today we took advantage of the "open gym time" that usually takes place in the late afternoons or early evenings. There were only about six other kids there while we were there. Nice! One of the little boys was at least a year older than Michaela, and he was pretty rough and tough. But, we outlasted him, and by the time he was gone, we almost had the place to ourselves. There are all kinds of things to climb on, jump on, crawl through, throw, slide down, roll over, etc. Michaela played nonstop for an hour. We shut the place down!

As you can hear me say in the video, I prefer this "playground" to the one at the park because it is sand and dirt-free. Once we get home, she does not absolutely require a bath. Mommy like! Sorry, I'm one of those moms. She has Grammy and Auntie to play in the dirt with...

Gymboree is so close to our house that we walked up. Michaela has a really nice jogging stroller and I want to put some miles on it before she outgrows it. So, I got a little exercise, too.

Looking forward to more fun at Gymboree throughout the summer!

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