Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Potty Training

Knowing that Michaela will be my only child, I have been reluctant for her to outgrow babyish things. As exciting as it has been to see her grow and change, there has been an undercurrent in my heart of sadness that babyhood goes by as quickly as it does. Nevertheless, she is now nearly two-and-a-half, and we are at the beginnings of POTTY TRAINING! Seems like such a huge milestone that I just had to capitalize it.

I have decided that when she's potty trained, we can remove the changing table from her bedroom. I'll probably also remove the crib at that point. We co-sleep and she'll probably transition from my bed to her own twin bed next summer - if she's ready to do so. The upside is that getting rid of the changing table and the crib will allow me to put all of her toys in her bedroom instead of having them in the living room. Mommy like!

I used to read each new month's chapter in What to Expect the Toddler Years, but it's been months since I've done so. I really have no idea what my go-to book says about potty training, but I have seen a few things on the Internet that made sense to me.

The first thing that makes sense to me is to hold off on potty training until the child is ready. It's about her, not me. And quite frankly, I do not mind changing diapers all that much. Seems like "accidents" due to premature potty training efforts would be more stressful for us both than continuing to have her wear diapers. So we started talking frequently about going potty in the toilet over the summer, and I let Michaela flush the toilet. She thinks that's lots of fun. About a month ago I purchased a training potty for her to have at Grammy and Papa's house, and we ordered pull-up diapers with Dora the Explorer on them. Most recently we acquired a seat for our toilet at home so that she feels more secure. I think my next move is to get some panties for her that she will be excited about wearing. Perhaps they'll have Dora on them...

Michaela knows that every time she goes on the potty instead of in her diapers that she will get a gummy bear. That has been very motivating to her, but she still only thinks about it when she thinks about it. Know what I mean?

I have heard that devoting several days to potty training by staying home and having the child go bare is a quick way to finish the job, but as a working mom that can't happen until I have some time off. I am hopeful that she will be potty trained by the end of the year - if she's ready, of course.


  1. Omg we're having the same challenge! Didn't think about gummy bears as a reward?
    That just might work!

  2. I may have told you this but with Lily I made the suggestion and we had accidents but with Rosie she ran with the idea but not until she was just shy of turning 3. I really thought we were way behind but lots of other kiddies aren't ready til then. Always remember she won't go to college in diapers. It will happen. But most importatnly she is YOUR daughter and it doesn't matter what others say.

  3. Thanks for the tips. We are preparing to start potty training our 17 month old son. Your experience is very helpful.

    Kelly Brown


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