Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Our Easter morning started off with a little surprise when we stepped out the door on our way to church. Some bunny had left Easter eggs for Michaela on the front porch and in our front planter. One of them had been consumed by some wild creature in the night, but the others were intact and easy to find. At first we thought that Michaela's uncle had left them for us, but it turned out our next-door neighbor and his elderly mom had decorated them with us in mind, and he left them for us sometime last night. It was a really nice gesture. Michaela keeps saying, "That was a lovely surprise."

Church was wonderful. Our senior pastor is still recovering from a terrible accident, so most of the service was worship. It centered around a drama, and included worship music spanning the centuries. There was something for everyone - Gregorian chants, traditional hymns, gospel, and contemporary worship music from the last four decades. The point was that Jesus is the same, and the message of the cross is still the same even as the music styles change. I took Michaela into the service with me, and she did really well. We did sneak out during the message as she was getting restless, and we'd already been in there for about and hour and a half. I'm really proud of her for being such a good girl.

Once we got home, I hid the eggs we'd colored the other day. Michaela found all but one of them. She is not interested in actually eating any of them, though. We do not do the Easter Bunny or lavish Easter baskets around here. I didn't grow up that way, and I'd like to keep the focus on Jesus. But we did have fun coloring eggs and searching for them in the garden.

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  1. Happy Easter Joannah! Look how your beautiful Michaela has grown!

    He is Risen!!


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