Saturday, May 24, 2014

In the Garden

After Easter we had the worst, and terribly unusual, weather in the form of fierce Santa Ana winds and intense heat. That kind of weather isn't too unusual for fall and winter, but it is for spring. The first week like that brought down a mature tree in my sister's backyard - narrowly missing their roof. My trees are still standing, but my poor little vegetable garden suffered terribly. I lost all my bush beans, my radish and beet sprouts, and my strawberry plants were singed.

Today I trimmed back the strawberries because I could see that they have some new growth on them already, but I pulled up the beans. Michaela and I went over to the plant nursery and purchased some more veggies to replace those we lost. I'll put them in the ground before this long weekend is over.

As hard as those two heat waves were on my vegetable garden, my more established flower garden is no worse the wear. In fact, while I was out in the yard today, I was so happy to see how beautiful everything is right now. My roses and hydrangeas are putting on quite a show, and some of the wildflower seeds I sowed are now blooming. The only thing I'm really waiting on is for my Crape Myrtle to blossom.

While we were at the nursery, I picked up a few perennials to fill an empty space in the front yard flower bed. Although the plants are still small, they are already blooming. Two of the plants are French lavender. I love the smell of lavender, and they are right outside my bedroom window.

Come join me in my garden:

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