Monday, August 18, 2014

Slipping Away

Summer 2014 is nearly a wrap. Faced with ten weeks of vacation in June, it seems like FOREVER. (And it is. I know most people have just two or three weeks of vacation time each year.) However, ten weeks goes by very quickly. Why can't ten weeks of the school year go by as quickly?

The first few weeks were really busy, but the month of August has been less busy. We've had days where we just hang out at home. I always feel a little guilty on days where I don't do much, but I think that they are a needed counterbalance to those days during the school year where I have to do so much more. The to do list I started with in June is only halfway completed. But I am pleased with the things that I was able to check off.

Here are some glimpses into our summer days:

Michaela still prefers a blanket even on hot summer days.

After I got home from getting a pedicure one day, I painted Michaela's toes for the first time. She was delighted!

We found the perfect cat for us. ;) Michaela calls her Mimi.

We spent a few days with our friends in San Francisco.

We've had some good times over at Grammy and Papa's house.

Michaela also attended her first Vacation Bible School this summer. It was a wonderful experience for her, and I enjoyed having a few hours on my own that week. I grew up going to VBS each summer, and Michaela will, too.

Looking forward, I report back to work at the end of next week, and Michaela will start attending preschool (part-time) the following week! We've been talking about it all summer long, and I think she is comfortable with the idea. Michaela is very outgoing and social, so I expect her to enjoy all the things school has to offer - especially new friends!

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