Thursday, August 21, 2014

Slow Summer Days

I mentioned in my last post how we have had some really slow days now that summer is winding down. Some days are so slow that I almost want to go back to work. Ha!

I shared this with my teaching partner when we met up for lunch a couple of days ago, and she is experiencing the very same thing. We both said that we'd been so busy at the beginning of the summer, but now not so much; and, uh, maybe it's time to go back to work.

For someone who would love to be a stay-at-home mom, how in the world can I feel this way?

I think it's because when you just have a few weeks at home, it's hard to establish a schedule that fills the days with purpose and the opportunity to connect with others. If I were a stay-at-home mom, we'd have some mornings where we went to a Bible study or church-based women's group, other mornings where we attended classes for Michaela, and other mornings where we went to the gym. But Bible studies and the women's group at church are things that take place during the school year, so participating in them when I have time off is not possible. So my default desire is, "Hey, it must be time to go back to work..."

And once I'm back at work, I'll be counting down the days until my next vacation.


  1. How true Joannah! I have worked albeit part-time while my daughter was young and now that she is 13. But I still feel the pressure and the feeling I cannot participate in regular Bible study meetings because of my wonky job.
    It is definitely and balancing act!

    1. Kyra, thanks for commenting! I wish there was something for us working women. My church does a women's group every Tuesday morning, and once a month on a Monday night. I've just found that evening meetings that begin at 7 PM are just too late for my little girl (and me!).

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