Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Stitch Fix #6 & #7

My sixth Stitch Fix (say that three times fast!) came in mid-October. I don't remember all that I had requested/suggested, but I do remember that I wanted something with an animal print on it. Below is what I wore to school that day. I show you this so you can get a sense of what I choose for myself. It's very typical for me to wear denim pants with a pretty top. This one is a linen blend with a pale blue horizontal strip. I believe I wore a long necklace with it, and a pair of high-heeled sandals. My feet were probably killing me by the time I got home. That's why I usually wear flats to school!

The box!

A message from my stylist, Ashlyn:

The fix:

This is the Aniston Floral Print "kimono". The background is a navy blue, and I really liked how it looked on me. I've worn it a couple of times since I received it, and I think it's a nice transitional piece for fall and spring.

This is the Alexzandria Floral Print Knit Top. Although the cut is rather boxy, I loved the print. I have worn this several times since I received it, and I've gotten compliments each time.

These are the Diana Skinny Jeans by Kut from the Kloth. I have never tried on a pair of skinnies that I actually liked, but these are amazing! Lots of stretch = very comfortable. I just wore them again yesterday. In Stitch #7 I received another pair in black, and although I really didn't need another pair of black pants I had to keep them.

Yes, I requested animal print, but I was really hoping for a blouse I'd pinned. Anyway, I like this skirt and I kept it. The thing is, it fits like a glove and if I gain a few pounds, it will not fit. I haven't worn it yet because I need a blouse to go with it.

This is the Catelyn Zip Moto Jacket. I had asked for a lightweight cardigan, and this is what was chosen. Okay... Style-wise it's kinda cute, but it was a wool blend and very itchy. I didn't think I'd have enough opportunity to wear it as I reflected on how many 80*+ days we had last January. I sent it back.

Out of five items, I kept four making this my most successful Fix. I was really pleased at the time.

My next Fix came in mid-November on the day we returned from our trip to the mountains. I didn't have time to photograph all that was in that box as I was so busy unpacking and getting ready to return to work the next day. I already mentioned that I kept the black skinnies. But I sent back a black blazer and a "split back tank". The black blazer reminded me of something I would have worn when I worked in a bank or an office. It was just too business-y for my life in the classroom. The tank had a beautiful print, but I didn't think that I would ever be comfortable with something that had a split back - just too revealing for this middle-aged mom.

Here's what I did keep:

Another kimono! I probably wouldn't have kept it, but it was super affordable at $34. I have worn it a couple of times already, and I like it.

It took me a while to decide on this one. It's the Laguna Abstract Floral Flutter Sleeve Blouse by Creative Commune. I think it looks a little big on me even though it's a medium, but I kept it and I've worn it with the black skinnies.

Honestly, I don't know how much longer I will continue using Stitch Fix. I feel like their prices are too high - I see the brands they sell at Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx for much less. I love a good deal, and that's not something you get with Stitch Fix. What you do get is convenience and the chance to try things you might not try on your own.

I think I have improved my style somewhat since using Stitch Fix. I no longer do one-stop shopping at LOFT. I check out a lot of blogs where the bloggers review their Fixes, and I see how others put things together. If I like something, I attempt to emulate it with the things I have in my closet.

My next fix is scheduled for next week, and I promise to review it before January!

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