Sunday, December 28, 2014

Stitch Fix #8

My latest Stitch Fix arrived the second week of December. And although it wasn't my favorite fix, I did get one item that I'm really pleased with. Can you tell which one it is?

I will have to say that the colors in this fix were very appealing to me. I like jewel tones, and I think they are flattering on me.

First up was the Angela Quilted Detail blouse in fuchsia by Market and Spruce:

What I liked about this blouse was the color and the details on the front and shoulders. However, I wasn't crazy about the way the fabric felt on my skin, and I thought it was overpriced at $68.

The next item didn't even make it out of the box:

That's the Anne Chevron Pendant Necklace by Pixley. I think chevron is on its way out, and I thought the finish on the necklace looked cheap. I would rather spend $34 on something else.

There was another item in this fix by Market and Spruce:

That's the Elissa French Terry Striped Moto Jacket. There were several things I didn't care for about this one, but mostly I just don't like Moto jackets. If I'm going to spend $74 on an item, I'd better love it.

Then there was the Hazel Metallic Striped Knit Top by Peppercorn:

I did not think this was very feminine or flattering on me. They wanted $48 for it.

Lastly, there was an accessory I probably wouldn't have chosen for myself:

The pictures don't do it justice! It's the Karen Colorblock Striped Knit Infinity Scarf by Shiraleah. I loved the colors and the pattern, but I was worried that I'd have few chances to wear it because it had been so hot up to that point. If I was going to spend $48 (!) on it, I'd have to have the chance to wear it.

So what did I keep? Did I keep the pretty fuchsia blouse, the Moto jacket, the striped knit top, or the scarf?

I wish I had another picture of me wearing it to answer the question, as I have worn it since - and it was a nice cold day, too! I actually kept the scarf. I can see this being something I have in my wardrobe for many years to come. Since I'd already plunked down my $20 styling fee, I just owed another $28 to make it mine.

And then...

And then I cancelled my subscription to Stitch Fix.


Cost was the biggest factor. As someone who loves a good deal, there are no deals to be had when shopping with SF. You pay for the service and the convenience of having someone make choices for you. And there are benefits to doing so. As I mentioned in my last post about SF, I was in a rut when it came to clothing. I only shopped at LOFT, and if I found something I liked there I bought it in several different colors. Uh huh...

In the months I used Stitch Fix, I was introduced to a few brands I wasn't familiar with before - Kut from the Kloth, Daniel Rainn, and Collective Concepts come to mind now. Since being introduced to those brands, I've seen them at Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx for at least half the cost of purchasing them through SF. So I gained an education and branched out a little bit. That's a good thing!

I also learned about shopping secondhand online from a blogger or two that had used both Stitch Fix and sites like Twice and ThredUp. I tried ThredUp when I needed to buy Michaela some bicycle-type shorts to wear under her dresses and skirts at school. I couldn't find them at our usual places (Gymboree and Crazy 8), but ThredUp had them gently used for next to nothing. I was very happy with that purchase. I even had a coupon, so I think I only paid for shipping. Ridiculous!

And recently, I tried ThredUp for myself - because they sent me another sweet coupon for $20 off my order. Here's what I got:

New with tags Michael Stars dolman sleeved top. This will look nice with leggings or jeans. With my discount coupon, it was $8.78. Sweet!

These are LOFT camisoles new with tags. I already have several of these because I wear them under so many things. A couple of mine need to be retired, and so I was happy to get these for $3.83 and $2.36 after my discount was applied.

Lastly, I snagged these Cole-Haan wedges:

These are perfect for wearing at school! If I had purchased them even at Nordstrom Rack they would have cost me close to $100, but I got them for $49 on ThredUp. They do not have any wear on the soles, so I think they are new/never worn. I had seen them at Nordstrom Rack a couple months ago, and was tempted to purchase them, but I thought they were too expensive at the time.

Shopping at ThredUp takes more time, but the savings are undeniable. I prefer to purchase thing that are new with tags, and from brands that I am familiar with so that the sizing will be right.

You can sell things to ThredUp as well. I will admit that the reviews from sellers aren't as glowing as the reviews from buyers. Nevertheless, I sent them a bag of some of Michaela's gently used clothing, and I have a bag of shoes and two dresses ready to send off. If I didn't do that, I would have donated them to charity. So this will be an experiment for me. If they accept my things, I will have the option of having them cut me a check, or giving me "store credit" with them. I would probably use the credit for future purchases for myself or Michaela.

If you'd like to try ThredUp, let me know in the comments. They sent me a couple of coupons with my most recent order that are intended for me to share with friends or family.


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