Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nineteen Weeks

Fetus at nineteen weeks

We're just about halfway there, everybody! By now, Michaela is about six inches long from the top of her precious head to end of her little behind. We learned on Wednesday that she weighs about nine ounces. Some descriptions about fetal development at this point say her five senses are developing and it's possible that she can hear my voice. It's also likely that she's got some hair growing on her little head by now.

My nausea has really increased the last couple of days. I've been just miserable. Nothing really seems to help, either. Not the home remedies and not the medicine I've been prescribed. It's very frustrating. My daily headaches are slightly less intense, but if I do much of anything they really intensify. I've got three weeks left on my leave of absence, and I'm really concerned that I won't feel well enough to go back to work in that time frame. However, I will be seeing my doctor before then, and if I'm not much improved then we'll have to talk about a later date for my return. Managing my class at this point would be impossible.

This means most of my days during the week are pajama days, and I have to admit that I've been watching way too much reality television. My gosh, those people are so incredibly dysfunctional. Yikes, they need Jesus! When I'm not suffering with a headache, I have made an effort to get back into the Kay Arthur Bible study on the book of Acts that I started in August. It's so good! I've missed my time in the Word, and I've really missed going to church. I haven't been able to go in months now. I miss the worship time and I miss my pastor's teaching. I did talk to Pastor Ray on Wednesday to let him know that Baby Labrador is a girl. We had a good talk. I'm forever grateful that he allowed God to use him to lead Michael to making a decision for Christ.

My mom and I did venture out a couple days ago to Babies R Us. We were just giddy to see all the girl stuff. Well, we came across this crib:

The floor model was for sale at a reduced price, and it was in great shape. So, my parents graciously purchased it for me. I think it's my birthday or Christmas present. The finish is a mahogany, and it will match Michael's antique chest of drawers. I've decided to use that instead of the white dresser I purchased before. My sister has a changing table in about the same color, so we'll reuse that instead of making another purchase. I think the dark woods with the pink accents will be really pretty.

While we were there I added some more things to my registry. I think I understand what I need when it comes to the big ticket items, but all those little things in the Infant Care section get my head spinning. What do I really need? Your suggestions are welcome!

I hope I'll start to feel good enough to return home and start getting the house prepared for Michaela soon. I feel so stuck with my health being what it is right now. By the time that shopping trip was over, I was in terrible shape with a killer headache. My mom was up half the night with me because I couldn't keep anything down. I just can't do much of anything, and it really stinks. Of course, Michaela is worth it, but I had no idea that pregnancy would be so hard.


  1. Happy 19 weeks..(you know I almost said is a habit when you wait so long..)
    I LOVE Michaela's bed.. and I sooo wish that you would feel better ...
    I have your blanket on the order list.. Mom is excited..she knows exactly who you are.. I have talked about you many times..
    Hang in there girly..
    Love ya

  2. The crib is just beautiful! Please post pics as the nursery comes along. :) I eat up all that girly stuff since I never got to do it! As for what you's sort of hard because all mommies are different. For example, I hated changing tables and never used them with my second two (the floor is safer and easier). And I loved slings but hated other carriers. Never used a wipe warmer. And I found that you can have too many receiving blankets but never enough cloth diapers. I say..simple is best and add things as you find you need them!

  3. Where is your baby registry, please?
    Honestly, i thought you would be able to sail through this pregnancy not be sick and in pain the whole time. It's wretched and as I have said before I hope it ends soon.
    Love the crib, I love dark wood.

  4. I'm so sorry you feel so yukky. I still believe that one morning you will wake up and feel completely wonderful. That day may come after you give birth, but still! :-) You may not believe this, but God has a way of making us moms "forget" all the yuck once our babies are born. No, we don't really forget it, but somehow, He allows us to remember it in a sort of "fog" that makes us able and/ or willing to go through it all again. :-) I SOOOO wish I lived closer. For many reasons, but primarily right now to 1.) take your mind off the way you're feeling, and 2.) to watch as Michaela's room gets put together!! We just had Abby's birthday party, and the house is currently filled with pink, and I just kept thinking of you and little Miss Michaela and all the pink you must be starting to accumulate. I Love It!! And I LOVE YOU. Take it one day at a time,and don't worry, least of all about your job. It's in God's hands. YOU are in God's hands.

  5. So happy for you! I love your baby girl's name. Such an honor for her terrific daddy. I am sorry you are still feeling so crappy. Maybe the 20th week will be the magical number and you will get another Christmas miracle!! Post a pic of your baby belly!!
    Congratulations. I realy am so excited for you. We may have never met except through these online blogs when you were waiting for Jillian, but I feel like I know you. It has been an honor to follow your journeys!

  6. You need diapers. And one of those bedside crib contraptions so you don't have to get up to nurse her. It's level with the bed. I don't know what it's called. All you young mamas will know.

  7. What a beautiful blesing! I am so excited for you!! Girls are just an incredibly exciting gift. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  8. I am so sorry that you are feeling rotten again. I will pray very hard for you. Drink as much fluid as you can hold down, perhaps get an IV to rehydrate yourself. That might ease the headaches, too.

    As for baby gear, Less is More! Don't fall for all the commercialism. It's a rip-off. Everything you buy will be in your little house. You must clean it, move it, store it, trip on it, etc...

    Since the crib will be in the nursery, I recommend a Co-sleeper, the full-size one since you may continue to use it when Michaela is bigger. Unless, you can put your bed against the wall on one side. Then you won't need this.

    In the nursery, you've now got your basic furniture. A simple swing is nice. Go for the small, simple models that fold up. Don't fall for all the battery-powered gizmos and gadgets. If your baby cries, you'll want to hold her yourself, not fob her off in some mechanical device.

    Skip the bucket carrier carseat and get a nice full-size one, like a Britax that stays in the car. It's not good for your back or joints to carry these things. Yes, I know how convenient they are when the baby falls asleep in the car, but if you have a nice Maclaren stroller, you can transfer the baby and all is well.

    If you have a friend with a large bassinet on wheels, ask to borrow it. You won't need a co-sleeper if you can get one of these. I'm not talking about these modern plastic ones, but the large kind like Pottery Barn has. These are nice because you can easily move them around the house. A large moses basket will do the same thing, but large is the key or they are only good for a couple weeks instead of months. In fact, I have one, now that I think about it! Let me know if you want it and I'll make some bedding for it and send it down. It was going to be for my sister, but she ended up not deserving it in the end, along with a lot of other stuff I returned.

    I hope you are planning to breastfeed. As a doula, I hate to say get a bottle because if you have one someone will be tempted to use it, but have 1 Dr. Brown's skinny bottle, not the wide mouth kind. Without fail, for over 20 babies, this has proven to be the best botle for a nursing baby over any high-falutin' bottles around. Get a nice breastpump - Medela Pump in Style. Don't get any formula at all. None.

    Diapers, yes, but look into cloth because you will save, save, save and they are super cute. I love Bum Genius. You only need 18-24.

    A sleep sack would be great.

    You are bound to get a ton of clothes. Avoid collars since newborns barely have a neck and they just end up in their mouth.

    Stick with comfy cotton. I like plain white undershirt onesies with a simple footed sleeper over it. I'm partial to the zippers vs. snaps, but that's because I've done a million snaps in my lifetime. I also like the simple shirt/pants sets (w/o feet).

    Baby socks, but in the next bigger size than newborn because they really shrink and squish their little feet.

    Minimam or Nuk pacifier, if you'd like, but not necessary.

    Highchairs are monstrous these days, with plush fabric covers. Don't these designers know how messy babies are when they eat? I recommend any one of the Ikea models, but not until you need it.

    Enough for now, have fun!

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  11. You poor thing! I can't believe you're not feeling better. I only know of one other person who was this sick at this stage with both her pregnancies. I won't tell you how long her sickness lasted.

    Essential Gear:

    A good diaper bag - I loved Petunia Picklebottom backpacks. Expensive but chic and durable. Consider that your diaperbag(s) will basically become your purse for the next two years, so think about functionality for you too.

    A great bathtub - I had a fold up one that stored under the sink. Also liked the ones that kept baby propped up.

    Strollers - I had a few. First was a lightweight stroller frame that had a detachable carrier that doubled as a car seat. Just snapped the carrier into a car seat docking apparatus and voila! Great for not waking a sleeping child to make the transfer. Later used a heavy duty Stroller. Look for one that is lightweight, folds and steers easily, and has great storage. Worth researching.

    Never enough - Burp cloths, sheets and towels and wash cloths

    Mattress pads

    Changing table covers

    Bouncie seat - I had one that vibrated and it was great for putting Gillian to sleep, and for grabbing a shower.


    Pacifiers - I wouldn't go without but some parents prefer not to use a binky.

    Hand mitts - Just for a little while

    Bottles, cleaning and storage gear. I liked the kind with the liners.

    Diaper pail - A good one that keeps the smell as contained as possible

    Diapers, diapers, diapers and wipes, wipes, wipes

    Sling or carrier - I rarely used the Bjorn for either girl. However a sling is useful with a small baby. Frees up hands. Get a good one. Worth researching.

    High Chair - I hated Gillian's. Couldn't wait to get rid of it. Never used one for Char. Just takes up so much space. It's a preference thing. Useful for containing baby and a safe place to put her while you cook, clean up etc. But there are alternatives. For Char, I had a seat that strapped onto a kitchen chair and had its own tray or you could push her up to the table. It also folded up and could be taken anywhere. It was awesome. Worth researching. Think about what you need/want.

    That's all my brain can handle. Been so long. : ) Have fun.


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