Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Week Challenges

Breastfeeding is hard! Michaela is a super sucker, but my milk hasn't come in. We're having to supplement with formula, and in addition to having her at the breast every three hours, I then have to use my pump to stimulate milk production. I had no idea that this would be such a challenge.

That and I'm still experiencing severe edema in my legs and feet. I'm so blessed to have so many family members willing to be here to help, because if I didn't we'd really be up a creek.

So the birth story will be late in coming, but I will get to it when things settle down.

I'll leave you with a sweet picture of Michaela (because that's what you really want):

Photo credit John Norling


  1. She is a sweet angel from God! So wonderful to see her sweet face !

  2. Oh, I think this is my favorite photo so far! I love the soft colors. She is just so beautiful! I'll be praying for your edema and breastfeeding. It is HARD at first...I don't think enough new mommies are told that! But of course, so worth it.

  3. Oh. Oh. She is positively beautiful! She looks content and happy. I do understand the BF problem. My milk took a week to come in (I'd begun to lose hope!). It did really help to have another mom friend around b/c I found the lactation consultants at the hospital to be too structured about what to try/what worked. They always said "If it hurts, then the baby doesn't have a proper latch" and I can honestly say that after 3 babies, all of whom I've breastfed for over a year, it STILL hurt even if they were doing it right. But it gets better over the next few weeks and it'll be easier and easier and will hurt less.

  4. Oh my goodness!!! She is soooo adorable!!! Can't wait for more photos!!!

  5. Oh my! The kissable cheeks!

  6. Breathtaking.
    Sorry about the bumps along the road but I have no advice!

  7. How beautiful is she!?!?! Sweetness.

  8. Sweetie pie!

    What no one tells you is that during a c-section, they pump 7 liters of IV fluids which can take the body two weeks to process. The quickest way to process is by drinking more fluids. Took me almost two weeks to resolve.

    Good luck...you are on your way, mama!


  9. Soooooo CUTE..
    Love it..
    It will get easier with time..

  10. So many congratulations from all of us here!!! Things will become easy and your milk will come in so very soon!

  11. What you are experiencing with breastfeeding is very normal after a c-section. The advice above it good, keep up the fluids, especially since it's all going to your legs. Also, eat, eat, eat! It takes more calories to make milk then it does to grow a baby inside you. If you can, try giving her the formula through a supplemental nurser attached to your breast. Just get comfy in your favorite chair and be waited on while you get through this. I know it can be totally consuming, but if you can establish good breastfeeding, it is so rewarding.

    I'm glad you have such great support! Your daughter is precious! Enjoy this special time, savour everything because she's going to grow so fast.

  12. You are right, nursing is HARD. It was tough for me with both of my babies. Hang in there and enjoy that beautiful baby girl. She is such a pretty baby. xoxo

  13. Oh, man!! She is an angel! Love the photo. :)
    Breastfeeding is the hardest thing I've ever done. I wish I could have been successful with the twins, but my milk never came in enough to feed both babies. Keep at it and I will send all the milk vibes I can from Canada. :)

  14. Will pray that breastfeeding gets easier for you-- it did for us, but the first few days were nothing if not rocky... So glad that you are surrounded by loving folks who will care for you two so that you can just soak up the wonderful moments with your precious daughter!

  15. Nurse as often as you can, it will help everything
    It was a full 5 days before my milk came in, so hang in there
    she is so beautiful, Joannah, truly.

    The first week is really really really hard
    go easy on yourself.

    sending love,

  16. She is so so precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Breastfeeding is difficult but it sound like some commenters have given you good advice. I would try for more than every three hours - as much as possible since it's a supply and demand thing. But they are right from what I know about the post-c-section thing.

    My kids did really good off the bat but I heard I was a pain as a baby - my Mom swears by "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" and I have used it as my "bible" for all BF questions as I had my own challenges when Aidan was in the PICU for his heart as a newborn.

    She really is lovely - you two will get it just keep her on it:)!


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