Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting Into Our Groove

We have managed all week without any overnight help! I feel like this is a huge accomplishment for me. Now that Michaela is well-fed, she will sleep three or four hours at a time during the night, and this makes the whole overnight thing doable for me. I'm actually getting more sleep, and better quality sleep, than I did when I was pregnant.

During the day, it's a little more challenging. The more she is awake, the harder it is for me to do much more than mix up formula, wash bottles, feed her, and change diapers. I'm not complaining, though. Still need to figure out how to get a shower every day. The showers I had this week were when a family member was here to help during the day.

I had my two-week check at the OB on Wednesday, and I was happy to learn that I'm already down twenty-four pounds from my highest pregnancy weigh-in! And, I'm happy to say that my edema is history. My feet and ankles are no longer painfully swollen. I'll be able to wear cute shoes again. Yea!

Michaela also saw her doctor this week. She gained just three ounces, but she has grown an inch since her birthday. The pediatrician was not concerned about her slow weight gain, and we don't have to return for another visit until her two-month appointment. Yea!

She is just such a good baby - mellow like her sweet daddy (unless she has a wet diaper!). I am simply enchanted with her. Here she is earlier today:


  1. She is getting cuter and cuter and looks like she's got a sweet personality!

    Yep, the shower dilemma... If your bathroom is big enough, can you put her infant seat in there where she's tired, swaddle her, and see if the sound of the running water puts her to sleep while you shower? Otherwise, take a bath and talk to her over the side of the tub...

    Honestly, what's a little body odor between a mother and daughter? LOL! I'm typing this from my bathtub, btw. On several nights, I've had to hop out as my own daughter began crying in her sleep and needed me. Tonight, I made sure she had her little wake-up before getting in the tub.

    I'm so glad to hear that your body is recovering well. I was very worried about your health during your pregnancy. I figured the baby would get all the good stuff and leave you all scrawny and starved.

  2. She is just the cutest thing!

    You are doing took me a month to get into a grove.

    Work toward getting her days/nights sorted out (day: natural light, normal voices, ambient noise; night: low light/hushed tones, feed and back down, only change a diaper if it is poopy).

    You may need to adjust your shower time to evening (when she is asleep) for a bit, or, have her in some piece of gear in the bathroom (pack n play, bassinet, moses basket, etc). I was only allowed 6 min showers while on bed rest, so I became adept at being able to wash my long hair/body/and sometimes shave.

  3. Wonderful news of good sleep & no cankles!

  4. Yay! So nice to hear that you are getting some good, QUALITY sleep. I didn't lie to you, did I? :)
    Glad your little Miss is doing so well and that you are feeling good.

  5. So glad you are doing well..
    Love her to pieces..
    Sounds like every day gets better and better..

  6. It's nice that your settling into a routine and hooray for good quality sleep!!! I love seeing Michaela's photos, she is a beauty!!

  7. So glad to hear that things are going well!!! Miss Michaela is just too cute for words!!!

  8. She is enchanting for sure! I second the baby-bouncer-etc. in the bathroom. I was bummed when he grew out of it because it meant no more shower/baths!

  9. I'm so glad to hear the edema is gone, Joannah, and that you are getting some good sleep! The shower thing will sort itself out, too. I've seen some good suggestions from others on here.

  10. The schedule will work out with time. I remember knowing it would be absolutely impossible to get my three year old and my newborn out the door to daycare so I could work. By the time Sollie was 8 weeks old, I was able to do it (not that it was easy in those early days)!!!

  11. What a sweet baby girl! She is lovely. I am glad she is well fed and content. And YAY for no overnight help. That is quite and accomplishment.


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