Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Michaela @ Eight Months

Mommy's Little Librarian

Eight months old? Already? I am just amazed at how quickly my Little Baby Punkin is growing and changing.

Growth: We will not see the pediatrician for another month, so I can only guess at Michaela's current length and weight. She has not outgrown most of her 9 month and 6-12 month sized clothing, but I think we're getting close to the next size(s) up. She's mostly a size 3 in shoes. She's still wearing a size 3 diaper. Dressing her is one of my favorite things. She has a dresser and a closet full of cute things, and I really enjoy choosing her outfits when I get to dress her on the weekends.

Feeding: She's still just not that into her baby food. I just read up on month eight in my copy of What to Expect the First Year that it's okay to start finger foods. They gave a pretty extensive list of soft foods we can try, and we will be doing so. Michaela enjoys feeding herself. She likes rice crackers, various flavors of puffs, and small bites of banana. Pretty much anything she can pick up and put in her mouth without Mommy's help. Well, okay then. . .

Sleeping: Naps are really unpredictable. It's a frustration of mine because I count on that time to get things done around here. Her naps can vary from thirty minutes to two hours. She "works it" with her grannies and her nanny and often gets to nap in their arms for lengthy periods of time. Mommy is not up for that, and as soon as she gets good and drowsy, I place her in her crib. Sometimes she keeps on sleeping, and other times she protests. Little stinker! Nighttime is much more predictable, however, She goes down anywhere from 6:00 - 7:30ish and she sleeps through the night. We still co-sleep. I love having her close to me. Sometimes, when she's having a hard time settling down, I hold her in my arms and we turn on her Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light. It's this really cool ladybug nightlight contraption that displays stars on the walls and ceiling of a dark room. She will lay there and stare at those lights until she just can't keep her little eyelids open anymore. It's a sweet way to fall asleep.

Fun Stuff: Well, she's very mobile these days. She not only crawls, but she pulls herself up on her knees. My dad secured the bookshelf to the wall, so we do not have to worry about her ever pulling that over. She "talks" all the time. I cannot discern any particular words at this point, though. I'm sure she knows exactly what she's saying! She loves all the noisy toys she received for Christmas. She likes watching Jack's Big Music Show, Yo Gabba Gabba, and our Jana Alayra DVD. In fact, it's the Jana DVD that "babysits" her while I take a shower each morning. The more music a show features, the more excited she is about it. She also has a crush on Moose A. Moose. Every time he comes on she gasps or squeals with delight. I don't know what it is about that little guy, but she is crazy about him. I just find it so interesting and amazing that at her very young age that she is so aware of her surroundings, and that she has such noticeable preferences.

Michaela has definitely developed separation anxiety. It is very hard for me to get much done if she can't see me. If I walk around a corner in our very small house, it is very distressing to her. This keeps me close, and it means the chores get pushed back. Thankfully, Elizabeth (our nanny/housekeeper) seems to have superhuman capabilities, and she gets done what I can't. She is such a blessing to us!

I can't believe that we are already three-quarters of the way through her first year. I'm already starting to brainstorm for her first birthday party. Oh, my!


  1. She is SUCH an angel! And beautiful, and smart, are blessed!

  2. She is just so lovely...... like her mummy. Thank you for keeping us posted I know you cherish your down time.


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