Sunday, March 18, 2012

Michaela @ Ten Months

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Another month has passed and Michaela is getting close to her first birthday. It is bittersweet, I tell you. Tonight as I was trying to get her down, she was making these cute sleepy sounds she makes, and I was just wondering how much longer she will do so before she outgrows that. I shed a few tears over that. I waited twenty years to become a mother, and my only child's babyhood is just flying by. I wish they were babies for longer. It's such a sweet time of life.

Growth: Michaela is still wearing 12 months clothes, size 3 shoes, and size 3 diapers. She is working on more teeth. She has four teeth on the bottom, and she's almost got four on top, too. She bit me one day recently. Ouch! Little stinker.

Eating: Some days she is a little porker. Some days she isn't. From what I've read this is typical. It's funny how one day she'll be crazy about say pear sauce, and the next day turn her nose up at it. I have cut back on her formula to 24 ounces per day as some of my childcare books advise, but she is oftentimes more interested in her bottle than anything else. Nevertheless, I continue to introduce her to many kinds of food. Typically if I'm eating something, she wants to try it. That's good.

Sleeping: We are still happily cosleeping, and will continue to do so indefinitely unless or until it becomes a problem for one of us. Her morning nap routine is pretty well set, but afternoons not so much. The time change has thrown her off. I am determined to set an afternoon nap time (within thirty minutes, or so), and an evening bed time. She has been napping late in the afternoon (really late), and then going to bed late. If not before, then over Easter vacation, we will try to get things figured out. I need her down around 7:30 in the evening so that I have time for chores, and time for myself. Plus, we get up so early during the week that she needs to start her night that early in order to get enough sleep.

Other developments: Michaela is babbling all the day long. She has so much to say! There are lots of mamas in there, but the rest of it is her own language. I love her little voice.

She has been cruising for about ten days now, and she likes to let go and see how long she can balance herself. She's a little daredevil. It's fun to see her exploring her abilities and her environment. She's a busy girl.

Michaela continues to be a very easy baby overall. She's just got the best temperament. On the weekends we run our errands, and she just goes along with whatever I need to do. At home, she happily plays on her own most of the time. She loves music, and when we listen to music, or watch music shows, she just has to move to the music. It's in her blood after all!

Ten months since she was placed in my arms, and I still just marvel that she's mine. I hope that feeling never goes away.

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