Friday, June 22, 2012

Back to Gymboree

Michaela and her nanny made it to Gymboree once or twice a week during the school year, but I had not taken her there since last August or September. Once I went back to work I just couldn't squeeze it in during our weekends. The times between Michaela's naps were for running errands - which she's very good at, by the way!

However, now that we are on vacation, I hope we can make it to Gymboree two or three times a week. Tia Lisa (Michaela's nanny) had told me that Michaela is "very busy" and "very social" at Gymboree. Today I was able to see that for myself. Mind you, the last time we were there together Michaela wasn't even rolling over yet! Now she acts like she owns the place.

We were the first mommy and baby to arrive, and Michaela went right for all the things she likes the most. She reached into a bin of balls, and dug down deep for her favorite kind. As the other babies came into class, she crawled over to greet most of them. Any time we were supposed to be sitting and singing, she was off doing her own thing. I could not get her to sit still. I'm afraid she was the only baby that was quite so active. I told her that she better not be zooming around like this when she gets to kindergarten! None of the other babies were as confident and outgoing as she was either. I'm not criticizing them at all. I just found it fascinating to watch her interact in a group of peers and see how gregarious she is.

Alas, no pictures because she was just moving around so quickly!

By the time we got back to the car, she was already rubbing her eyes. Once we got home, she got a drink of water and promptly went down for her nap with just the littlest of protests. She definitely wore herself out!


  1. It's so great that you got to spend that time with Michaela today and all summer! Although my boys would have preferred to have me home full time, it took them many years to realize how blessed they were that they had me at home for several vacations AND the entire summer every year.
    When I went back to teaching full time, after my job share, it was a hard adjustment for them, but they now realize how very lucky they have been to have a teacher as a mom! Also, Michaela sounds just like Justin! When I was home part time, Justin and I went to a play group once a week. He NEVER went along with the program. If the group was at the playground, he wandered to the lake. If they were all at the lake, he wanted to climb the hills! You are right, Joannah, to observe that her independence is a positive confidence that she possesses. YOU have helped to put that into her! Great job, Mom!

  2. Thanks for the affirmation and encouragement, Jill! :)

  3. Awww... Sophie used to love Gymboree. How fun that you two girls can go together during the summer!


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