Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Taste of Summer

Today was my first day of summer vacation, and we spent it with our good friends Teresa and Wren who are visiting from northern California. When I first learned that they were going to be in town, I hoped we would be able to have my mother-in-law sign us in to Disneyland, but it turned out that these last couple weeks of June are blacked out on her pass. Bummer!

So, being the novice mom that I am, I began wracking my brains for something fun and cheap that we could do with the babies. In my search, I came across the OC Zoo and the Irvine Railroad at Irvine Regional Park. I think I have been to that park just once to ride horses way back when, and I had no idea that there was a small zoo there as well. It cost us $3 to park the car, $2 for adult admission to the zoo (babies are free), and $4 to ride the train. Cheap fun! My only complaint is that the bathrooms are rather, um, "rustic". There was no soap, the hand dryer did not work, and there was no changing table for the babies. Considering that the place was crawling with preschoolers, you'd think they would have a better set up for little ones. Oh, well.

The zoo was very nice. We saw all kinds of animals, and many of them were native to southern California. Most of the wild animals were sleeping, but the goats in the petting zoo were lively. I'm not really a "goat person", but the babies were delighted by their antics. Out near the railroad depot were the pony rides. The babies are too little for that kind of fun, but Michaela was overjoyed by the ponies on the other side of the fence. She really loves animals.

The train ride was just perfect for our babies - nice and slow. We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park, too. I forgot to bring a blanket, so the babies had to eat their lunches in their strollers. I told you, I'm a novice mom in many ways still! We did let them explore on the grass a bit. Michaela was fascinated by the dry leaves on the ground.

All in all, it was a really nice way to begin our summer!

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