Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer To Do List

School doesn't get out until the 20th, but I am so ready for summer vacation! I realized recently that I haven't finished a school year since 2009, so I'm out of practice and this seems like the school year that will never end. Weekends are good, but in two short days I have to get our errands run, do laundry, and surface clean the house (Elizabeth does the deep cleaning). I feel so rushed most weekends. During the summer I expect to be able to do a little housekeeping each day, and have fun with my girl.

So here's some of what I hope to do this summer.

Places to go: 
Santa Ana Zoo
Aquarium of the Pacific
The beach
El Dorado Nature Center
Walks to our neighborhood park
Swim lessons
Orange County Fair

People we want to see:
Aunt Maureen & Uncle Jim in San Diego
Teresa, Toby, & Wren in San Francisco
Penny & family in Los Osos

Clean out patio room and garage
Have a garage sale

There are also phone calls to be made and letters to be written regarding our situation with Social Security, and perhaps a lawyer to consult with. As a teacher it is very hard to make calls during the day. So these things will have to wait until then.  There are actually lots of other things that will require phone calls - things about health insurance, life insurance, investments, etc. My gosh! Our modern lives are so complicated. I hate dealing with all these kinds of things. Not looking forward to this part of my vacation, but I hope my efforts will yield good things.

Summer vacation cannot get here quickly enough!!!


  1. I hope that you will make time to visit me when you come to San Francisco! Of course, I might be in China, but I do hope not. I'd love to see you again and meet Michaela.

  2. Anyway you could add "Visit Chicago"? There are two small people who live in my house who would just love to meet Miss Michaela!

  3. WOW.. tons to do... looks like tons of fun places to go also.. I am going to be on that list one day..


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