Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nursery Planning

There's a lot to be done to turn the back bedroom into a suitable nursery for Michaela. Early on in our marriage, I let Michael take over that room and use it for his studio. Last year at this time, my mom helped me repurpose it into a bedroom for him. It really hasn't changed since then.

You might remember that my parents purchased the crib I picked out just a couple weeks ago:

I will use the bedding I chose back when I was adopting from China:

There's a wall sconce in that bedroom that I'm going to replace. I found this pretty one online today, and it was inexpensive so I ordered it:

And after searching the Internet for something sweet to hang over the crib, I was just about to give up until I came across this:

Of course, mine will be personalized with Michaela's name. Since it's designed to adhere to the wall, I won't have to worry about something falling off into the crib during an earthquake.

There's still a lot of sorting and packing to do in the room before I can (with help) begin to pull it all together. I also plan to have a ceiling fan installed, and replace the nearly fifteen year old cheap plastic blinds with white wood blinds like I have in several other rooms of the house. The wall color will stay the same as it's a pinky beige - very soft and feminine. It's a small room, so I really need to avoid accumulating too much decorative stuff. My goal is to make it pretty and functional. I'll post pictures when it starts coming together.


  1. I love the name and the verse. It is beautiful and so fitting. I think the black and pink will be so pretty.

  2. I love everything you have picked out! Like Diana, I love the black and pink. It's somehow old-fashioned and elegant. I like it much better than the pink and brown everyone else seems to be doing!

  3. Everything is so pretty. I am sure it is going to look great!

  4. Can't wait to see it all come together!

  5. All lovely selections, I cannot wait to see it all come together for you. The fun part! xoxoxox

  6. I love the Bible quote-- so very apt. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  7. YEA..
    Sooo can't wait to see her room come together..

  8. Such a special room for a special little girl!

  9. I think we have similar tastes! I just painted my daughter's room and and now painting her furniture.

    You r nuresery is going to be beautiful and I'm looking forward to the pictures!


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