Saturday, January 22, 2011

Twenty-Four Weeks

Fetus at twenty-four weeks

Michaela now weighs about 1 1/2 pounds, and is 8 1/2 inches from crown to rump. I feel her moving around throughout the day, but especially in the late afternoons and evenings when I'm sitting on the couch or resting in bed. Her movements are now strong enough to be felt with my hand on my belly at times. That is such a delight!

I'm feeling okay. I still have headaches almost daily. They are worse the more I exert myself or feel stressed. The hunger is still crazy. I have to eat all the time. Although I'm not nauseous anymore, I still throw up a meal or two each week due to a very sensitive gag reflex and reflux issues. Sleeping has been better the last couple of nights since I received a new pregnancy pillow. The first pillow I purchased was not a good fit for me, but the Boppy Cuddle Pillow is. One of the strangest new things is that I am more and more absentminded. I know that's typical during pregnancy, but it's a new thing for me. I have a mind like a steel trap! What's going on?!

Work has been great. My co-teacher is fabulous and we make a terrific team. The first two days I was back before she started, I came home feeling terrible. It was just too much for me and I had terrible headaches. Since she started a week ago Wednesday, we have been sharing the load and I have been able to finish the day feeling better. Unfortunately, we only have one more week to work together. I was just told after school on Friday that the district has received complaints about the arrangement. Therefore, I will be transitioning out of the classroom, and I will start supporting our school's RtI program in the weeks or months I have left before my leave begins. Basically, I will be working with small groups of children who need intervention. I'm willing to do what they need me to, but I am very disappointed. I was really enjoying the arrangement with my co-teacher, my students were benefiting from things we were able to with two teachers, and I will miss my students. There's more to it than I will go into here, and I do have hurt feelings about it. Apparently I am the object of a lot of scorn. It's really time for me to work some place else. Sigh...

This weekend I will be attending a widows retreat. It started last night, but I didn't have the wherewithal after teaching all day to make the drive out to the retreat location and attend the night session. So, I'll head out there this morning instead. I'm looking forward to connecting with others and spending time with a friend who is a young widow like me. I'll blog about it next week.


  1. I'm really dissappointed for you that the teaching arrangement is being cut short. I had no idea there were so many politics surrounding the classroom/education. It's unfortunate that a complaint or two can ruin it for everyone benefiting.

    I love that your feeling Michaela so much, how very special. Enjoy the retreat!

  2. Go, Michaela, grow! I am glad you have settled into pregnancy, with it's various physical issues and that you seem to be managing better.

    That sucks about the change at school. It is unfortunate how the wills of a few can dominate the needs of the many. For lack of a better work, people can be a-holes.

    Try as much as you can to keep your eye on the prize and know that you can and will change employers when the timing is right.

  3. I'm so sorry about your job situation. Research shows that children actually benefit A LOT from team-teaching. That is just ridiculous!! I know that God has the perfect place for you and I will keep praying that happens soon! I think the retreat sounds wonderful and I hope you are blessed from it!

  4. I can't believe people complained about your team teaching! What a great opportunity for the students to have two teahers in the room! Some people are utterly ridiculous.

    Love hearing about Michaela!

  5. I am sorry for the work situation. Hopefully a new school has an open position next fall. You deserve to be happy at work.

  6. I'm sorry about the work situation, it's too bad the parents aren't more understanding. I have a very similar situation here with my son...he has had substitute teachers for over a week now and we just received a notice his teacher will be on leave and a new permanent teacher will be starting in a week (more subs to cover this week). My son told me the sick days have been because she is pregnant and now she is on leave as per her doctor. I can't imagine feeling anything but compassion for her, my first thoughts were I hope she and the baby are alright and I wish her a healthy pg. I even called the school to leave a message for her saying I wish her the best. Sure, the ongoing subs are a slight distraction for the kids, but it's not the end of the world and we will be getting a new permanent teacher so all is well in my opinion. I just wanted to let you know as much as you have heard about complaints, etc from parents, I'm sure there are just as many who are supportive of you (unfortunately the positive ones usually aren't as vocal!).


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