Saturday, January 15, 2011

Twenty-Three Weeks

4D ultrasound of a 23 week fetus

Oh, goodness! Would you look at that? I so enjoy finding these images each week. Life is such a miracle.

So, here we are at the start of week twenty-three - just three more weeks until the third trimester begins! I just had another ultrasound on Thursday, and Michaela is developing just as she should. We were able to see her profile this time. Here she is:

Her measurements indicate that she currently weighs 1 lb. and 5 oz., and she is currently eight inches long. I feel her moving around throughout the day, but mostly at night when I get into bed. She's a night owl like her daddy. Oh, boy!

The perinatalogist says everything looks great, but he said he'd still like me to come in once a month from now on. I don't mind that at all. Their ultrasound machines are the best. We get much more detailed pictures there than at the OB's office. The technician said that we might be able to get one of these 4D images the next time I go in. I sure hope so! I'd love to see her sweet little face.

I have felt pretty good this week. Monday was my first day back at school, and I felt terrible that day. I had a powerful headache and had to take Vicodin. I was miserable, and I really began to doubt that I was going to be able to keep working during this pregnancy. Tuesday was slightly better, but by Wednesday I started to feel better. That was also the day my co-teacher started. It's nice to share some of the workload with her. I think she's going to do very well. I will gradually give her more and more of the responsibility. That way, when I can no longer work, it will already be her class/classroom in so many ways.

This weekend I hope to get some more organizing done around here. I can't wait to start putting the nursery together, but there's much to be done before I can start that.


  1. So happy you are starting to feel better!
    Love the ultrasound pic! I think she looks like her dad! (in this one anyway!)
    Will be checking on you more often now. Maybe its the Labor and Delivery nurse in me but I do think of you often. You are in my prayers.

  2. Life is a miracle indeed! So glad you are feeling better :-)

  3. Oh Joannah,

    What a beautiful little profile!!! I am so happy for you!!
    Can't wait to that beautiful little baby in your arms!!!

    Love and ((Hugs)),

    Jan, John & Jillian Rose

  4. Wow that 4d ultrasound is simply amazing!!!! I love it! And Michaela looks perfect!

    I am so happy about your arrangement at school, that must be a load off, knowing she is there when and if you need her.

  5. Oh....I SO hope you get to do a 4D u/s! That would be amazing! And I love how God has worked out your school situation. Love. It!!


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