Sunday, January 30, 2011


Michael took this photo with his iPhone on one of our Sunday trips to the farmers market. He got a kick out of the shape of that large tomato in the foreground.

I miss Sundays with Michael. Since he usually had a gig on Saturday nights, I was in the habit of attending church then. That meant Sundays were free for us to spend together. We usually started the day with breakfast at home or at a nearby diner we liked.

Nearly every Sunday we went down to the farmers market at the marina. Michael made fresh orange juice for us each morning, and we always got our oranges at the farmers market. Sometimes that's all we'd get, but other times we'd bring home other seasonal fruits and veggies, and Michael liked the homemade tamales, kettle corn, and shave ice we could get there, too. I liked looking at the dogs available for adoption just outside the farmers market. Michael always indulged me while I paid them a visit.

Just across the street from the farmers market is a Whole Foods. So after shopping at the market, we'd head over there to pick up a nice piece of meat or fish for our Sunday dinner. After our trip to the market, I'd get some things done in preparation for the coming work week, and Michael would usually watch a ball game or play the horses online.

That was our Sunday routine and I really miss it. It's been more than a year since we last did that together, and I haven't had the heart to return on my own. Maybe Michaela and I will make it down there this coming summer.


  1. Yes you will! She will love going down there in your sling or in the stroller and taking in all the sights and sounds, and you can get some fresh veggies to make baby food. :)

  2. She will love it and it will be a memory with she'll create with her Momma as you tell her all about her dad. I agree with April that the sights, sounds, smells, etc... will be captivating for her. Sundays are a challenging day. thinking of you :)

  3. That is SOME tomato!

    We have a lovely local farmer's market and it was one of the first rituals we had with our son when he was itty bitty. It continued for a couple of years but has waned (mostly because I go to the gym).

    You will have many opportunities to create special traditions...looking forward to her arrival (but not too soon).

  4. That sounds like a lovely Sunday afternoon, it's no wonder you miss it and Michael. I hope you and Michaela get to create new memories together while honoring your memories of Michael.

  5. Michaela will love it and it will be part of her Daddy that she can carry on with you ..
    Love you my friend..

  6. I love that you are planning to introduce Michaela to all the things her Daddy loved. There are so many wonderful firsts ahead.


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