Sunday, December 18, 2011

Michaela @ Seven Months

Oh, my! How did she get to be seven months old already? I know that time flies when you're having fun, and we are having fun, but I really wish her babyhood wasn't speeding by so quickly.

Growth: No official weight and measurement this month, but she is still wearing some 9 month and some 6-12 months sizes. I've finally figured out her shoe size, I think. After purchasing shoes from a number of makers, it appears that she's a size 3 - most of the time. Carter's is the exception. She's got a cute pair of 2s from Carter's and they fit her perfectly right now. In my attempt to find her size, I ordered 3s and 4s, but only one of those pairs is something she can currently wear. The good thing is she has lots of shoes to grow into over the next few months.

Feeding: Michaela is a ho-hum eater. She can take solids, or leave them. Nevertheless, she gets a breakfast portion and a lunch portion. This past month, I introduced rice crackers, yogurt melts, and sweet-potato puffs to her. Her diet also includes purees of apples, pears, bananas, prunes, sweet potatoes, carrots, chicken, and turkey. Typically she does not finish the small portion I prepare for her. Oh, well.

Sleeping: We are still co-sleeping and loving it. She sleeps through the night about ten hours total. Naps are not as lengthy or consistent as I wish they would be.

Fun Stuff: Michaela has learned how to clap. She will clap in response to "patty cake". Michaela has learned how to sit up when I put on the floor in that position, but she can't get herself in that position just yet. She is still pre-crawling, but I expect that she will crawl very, very soon. She has the best disposition, and she babbles and squeals with delight all the time. Michaela is a very social baby, and she loves all the special people who care for her during the week. She prefers to be held or played with all the time. This makes it very hard for Mommy to get much of anything (dishes, laundry, etc.) done. I try to remind myself to be a child-centered and not a task-centered parent, but it's hard sometimes.

Lastly, Michaela has cut two teeth this month. Just like I expected, she cut her bottom two teeth first. Those were some tough days for her and her caregivers, but she seems to be through the worst of that for now.

It has been a wonderful seven months!


  1. Happy 7th month Birthday gorgeous girl.

  2. I sure have enjoyed watching you and Michaela for the last seven months! She just is the picture of JOY!


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