Thursday, August 6, 2015

Potty Talk

I recently received a comment from Brittany on an older post of mine in which I mentioned that there were some books that helped Michaela get excited about using the toilet when I was potty training her. I had only mentioned the books in passing and never said what they actually were, but Brittany asked me to share them with her. Seems like I might as well share them here so that other readers can find them for their kiddos.

First, I will say that potty training is not for the faint of heart. There will be accidents and messes. My sofa took a beating, friends. Thank goodness it is old and I can look forward to replacing it in the near future. At times I was really frustrated. I read blog posts and watched Youtube videos by moms who had successful methods, and I gleaned bits of wisdom from them. It seems that at least one of them mentioned using children's books, and that was an idea I really liked.

Here are a couple that Michaela really enjoyed:

This one was probably her favorite - mine, too! I realize that it's written for girls, and so it won't work for everyone. 

This one is more boyish, but we enjoyed it a lot:

Reading these books really got Michaela excited about using the potty just like the kids in the stories. I think it was the most motivating factor I introduced during that time. For a list of more books like this, you can click here.

These days we're working on table manners, and I'm frustrated. Maybe there are books for that?!

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  1. table manners....sigh.
    My family is all in England and are very very British. Table manners used in my house every day are, "grandpa ready", with an exception of something I will sometimes permit and say, only here, never at Grandpas. Good luck and don't fold. Table manners are so important. Have fancy dinners with the table set in a very prety manner. Tell her you are the queen and she is the princess and then teach her during a relaxed setting. Perhaps work on them for a few days and send her an invitation to your fance princess dinner.


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