Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday Night Ramble

Last Sunday I had a great idea for a meaningful post, but as the week has progressed I lost my focus. So tonight I offer you some rambling thoughts instead.

Michaela had a dental appointment today, and she got a good report on the health of her teeth. I was a little worried because we have been battling each other about teeth brushing, and she developed a bit of an aversion to tooth paste recently.

The dentist did ask if she was sucking her thumb, or anything like that, and so I did have to confess that she has "Chewy" that she puts in her mouth when she sleeps. Chewies are just baby burp cloths, but you'd think they are an animate object because she loves them so. She started chewing and sucking on them when she was a baby and she was teething. I have been trying since last year to get her to ditch Chewy because it grosses me out, but with no luck! However when her dentist learned of Chewy he explained why it wasn't good for her, and that it would be better to just hold Chewy and rub it on her cheek instead.

Well, nap time was a complete failure today because she was mourning the change in her relationship with Chewy, but thankfully tonight she fell asleep quickly. I went in to check on her just a few minutes ago, and she's sleeping peacefully and Chewy is not in her mouth. This is a big deal, people!

Three paragraphs about Chewy. Sheesh...

Okay, this is sort of sweet bittersweet. A couple of weeks ago, I gave Michaela a copy of my CD and a copy of her daddy's CD. She has a CD player in her bedroom, and she was eager to listen to our music. My CD is country music, and she puts it on and sings and dances along to the music. She keeps asking me if it's really me singing. 

Michael's CD is mostly instrumental, and so she listens to that while she sleeps. She has always listened to music while she sleeps. She's like her dad that way. He always listened to something while he slept, too. The first song is Michael singing Mel Torme's The Christmas Song. She will start it over and over again until she settles down - she loves to hear his voice. I do too. It's nice hearing his music in the house again. I don't know why I waited so long to get that CD out.

We leave in two weeks for our Alaska cruise. I think we have acquired everything we need for the trip, and I can't wait to actually pack it all up and hit the road. We will embark in San Francisco. I am really looking forward to exploring the ship, seeing the beauty of Alaska, our excursions, and the food. Oh, and ten days of not having to cook, clean, or do laundry is also very appealing! It's going to be a great way to cap off our summer break.

Okay, enough of my rambling. Good night!


  1. Good morning. How is Michaela doing without chewy. Rosie gave up her thumb about six months ago but the tooth imprint has been left already.
    Enjoy your cruise, that one sounds marvelous

    1. She did great, Dawn! I was just praising her for having a successful night without Chewy. :)


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