Thursday, August 13, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Three Little Embryos

I am reposting from August 2010 when I was in the two-week wait after my second IVF. I had been widowed for just five months. I thought this was my last chance at motherhood, and I really struggled with the uncertainty of the outcome.

Now if I remember correctly, the embryo on the top left is the star student. It had so many cells that it's beginning to compact and the embryologist said that was very good.

The embryo on the right was also considered to be a goody with six to eight cells.

The embryo on the bottom was the late bloomer. It started as one of the immature eggs and was fertilized a day later than it's siblings.

They are all precious to me.

I have a new friend my same age who is just a few weeks ahead of me in the IVF process. She only had one embryo to transfer, but she is pregnant with great beta numbers. Her outcome has given me great hope for these little guys.

Thank you for all the comments and emails, and for surrounding me with your loving thoughts and prayers. From our lips to God's ear, as they say.

Want to know how things turned out? Click here!

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