Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What I'm Reading - Blogs

I discovered blogs about ten years ago when I decided to start the China adoption process. Personal blogs about China adoption experiences were a great resource for me, and I developed some good friendships (to this day!) as a result of reading and commenting on others' blogs. Somewhere along the line, we all seemed to migrate over to Facebook, and very few of us continued to blog as life became more demanding (kids!).

More recently, I have been in search of new blogs to read. I got on a kick of running Google searches looking for Stitch Fix reviews last year, and in doing so have discovered some new blogs that are worth reading beyond the monthly SF review.

Here are some of my favorites:

I think I found Edie's blog on Pinterest a while back. Seems like I was looking for either Stitch Fix reviews or fashion for forty-somethings. I will have to say that her blog is no lightweight, though. Edie has a lot of poignant reflections about life and faith, and her blog is uniquely and beautifully presented.

I'm not even sure that Cassie from hi sugarplum does Stitch Fix reviews, or not. So I'm not sure how I found her. Nevertheless, I love her sense of style. (Stripes and florals really do look cute together. Who knew?!) She also did a series on the Alaskan cruise she and her hubby took a few months ago, and of course I loved that. In addition to fashion and travel, you'll find home decor and DIY posts.

I stumbled across Dorothy's blog when she guest posted last week on another blog I've been visiting. I can relate to her journey as a single woman, and as someone coming to grips with a terrible loss. I am always drawn to people who don't have a picture perfect life, but who strive to live life gracefully.

Cyndi's blog was definitely a Stitch Fix related find. I love that she's over forty, fashionable, and that she points to the Lord as the source of all beauty. As someone who enjoys clothes, but struggles with putting it all together with accessories and such, Cyndi's blog gives me daily ideas for the contents in my own wardrobe.

I came across Sarah's blog this summer, and I've been inspired by her tips for frugal living and generating additional sources of income. I changed out many of my lightbulbs on her advice, and looked into simple ways I could monetize this blog. Her posts seem to make me take action!

These are just a few I enjoy reading throughout the week. The thing I need to work on (that I used to enjoy so much!), is commenting. I know how much I enjoy reading comments on my own blog posts, and so I need to be generous with my comments on the blogs I read. That's how relationships between bloggers are established.

So, what are you reading? Who is your favorite blogger?

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