Monday, September 7, 2015

Alaska Cruise - Ketchikan

Our last Alaskan port was Ketchikan, and we lucked out on the weather. Even in the summer, these Alaskan port cities are likely to have rain on any given day. But our time in Ketchikan was absolutely perfect.

We expected temperatures in the high fifties, but it was at least seventy degrees. Our jackets were unnecessary. As you can see, the marina is picturesque.

Our excursion was the Alaskan Lumberjack Show - chosen with my favorite four year old in mind. It was a fun show for all of us, though.

Michaela had her face painted the night before at the "Royalty Party" in the kids club. She was not ready to part with all that bling this morning.

After the show, she was ready for lunch and she wanted to get back to the kids club. Gee, what a surprise! So my parents and I wandered the town and did some shopping.

One of the areas we wanted to see was Creek Street. It has a sordid colorful past, but now it's mostly shops. Sadly most frontier towns have a history like this. People like to joke about it, but I find it to be tragic. Nevertheless, these days Creek Street has charm and is a great place for taking photos:

As we walked around town, we saw some striking totem poles.

Out of the three Alaskan port cities we visited, I enjoyed my time in Ketchikan the most.

Next time, Victoria, B.C.!

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