Sunday, September 6, 2015

Alaska Cruise - Tracy Arm Fjord

Our time in Tracy Arm Fjord was scenic cruising. The disadvantage of having an inside stateroom is that you have to get dressed and out on deck (or someone else's balcony) in order to see the sights. The live cam shot from the bridge just doesn't do it justice. So we got up and got out there. Well, I got up and got out there. Michaela got breakfast and got to go back to the kids club. Scenic cruising just isn't her thing.

Once on deck, I couldn't find my parents for most of the morning because everyone was on deck, or so it seemed. We finally found each other after the boat turned around to head out of the fjord. I got myself a hot toddy and a blanket, and tried to take some good pictures. But the pictures just can't capture the beauty of that place adequately.

The next picture shows how close we were able to get to Sawyer Glacier - which wasn't that close. There was just too much ice in the water for our captain to take us any closer.

It was chilly, but so beautiful! Despite all the people on deck, it seemed so quiet, so peaceful.

Next time, Ketchikan!

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  1. If you continue on with these stunning views I shall start to whine. I want to go there so much. how gorgeous. Oh and in yesterdays post you mentioned jewellry shops, yes on every crusie I have taken the ports have been ridiculously over run with them. I thought it was just a carribean and Greek isles thing


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