Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ten Weeks

Fetus at ten weeks

This week has been a mixed bag. When I started taking the Zofran on Wednesday, I immediately felt better. Then on Thursday afternoon and evening, despite taking the Zofran, I was still struggling with queasiness and food aversions. Same thing happened yesterday. It makes dinnertime very difficult.

My mother-in-law has invited me to her Filipino-American Association's Gala this evening, but I'm not sure I'll be able to make it because of how the last two evenings have been. I so want to go. I love Filipino food, and I would enjoy the time with Michael's mom. I'm just going to have to play it by ear and see how this afternoon shapes up. Ever since this morning sickness has set in, I have done very little other than go to work or doctors appointments. I could use the change in scenery.

Another problem that has developed is that even though I am no longer wearing the Primabella wrist band since beginning the Zofran, I have ongoing tingling and numbness in my hand. That is not good. I'm going to have to inform the manufacturer.

Early this morning, four o'clock to be exact, we had some excitement around here. My dad had set some traps in my attic because we suspected there are rats or mice hanging out there. Sure enough, this morning one got trapped. I could hear its cries. As much as I dislike free-range rodents, I felt badly that it was suffering. Dad will be coming by to deal with that later today. Sigh. . .


  1. I hope that you can enjoy some of the Filipino-American Association's Gala and that the Zofran makes it possible! Yummy-- just thinking of it makes me hungry!

    Also, just so I can blog stalk on the right day, when is this week's ultrasound? Don't want to get anxious on the wrong day...

  2. Emily Erin, come back on Wednesday. :)

  3. "Free-range rats"...LOL! :) I am praying that the morning sickness will subside very soon and that you can enjoy this special time in your life! I hope that tradition holds true and it will subside in your 2nd trimester. Finally, I hope you get to go tonight!

  4. Hang in day of one week at a time. Meal to meal, sleep to sleep.

    Hoping it gets better.

  5. I hope the medication starts working so you can go do more things..
    Love ya girly..

  6. It was free-range rodents that ate all the insulation off my car's wires. $700.00. Bryan has put out rat poison and sticky paper all around the garage. So far, it hasn't reveled itself. He's going to gone all next week. I hope I don't find dead rats all around the garage!

  7. Yes! Have your dad take care of that. And if you have a cat, have someone else take care of the litterbox. Pregnant women should not change a cat's litterbox. Something to do with a bacteria in the feces.


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