Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ultrasound #5

Baby Labrador at 9 weeks, 5 days*

Today's ultrasound showed that baby is nearly 29 mm in length. The head is still at the bottom of the fetal shape. You can see the arms in the middle there. The heartbeat is going strong.

I had such a terrible night last night due to "morning sickness" (what a misnomer!), that I called for a substitute teacher and rescheduled my ultrasound appointment for later in the morning. Once the nurse took me back to the examination room, I complained again about my nausea, and she suggested that I start a prescription called Zofran. She told me that this is a pill that is taken under the tongue, and that their patients have had good success with it. I just dropped off my prescription, and I will pick it up before the afternoon nausea kicks in.

It is really remarkable to see the growth that occurs to my baby in the course of a week. What a miracle life is!

*Based on measurement, not the calendar. Learned something new today!


  1. So glad that Baby Labrador is doing well this week! How exciting to see the beginnings of arms!

    I'm so sorry that you're having such trouble with nausea-- everyone I know who's used Zofran swears by it-- one of my friends who had twins said that she was going to name them Zoe and Frannie (to bad they ended up being boys)...

    So yay for a happy heartbeat and good growth, and here's hoping that soon you will no longer have to deal with the all day sickies!

  2. Take the zofran and feel better. It will work for you. No need to suffer needlessly.

    I am beyond excited at the news of your great u/s. Continued congratulations.

  3. Hoping the zofran helps, poor honey :(
    Your first tri will be coming to close so soon, even if the Zofran doesnt help, perhaps the ms will ease up in the 2nd. Those ultrasounds are looking more and more beautiful!

  4. Zofran is a miracle drug Joannah, you'll be glad to have it.I took it with my kidney stones and I swear it saved me.

    We're sending the doppler this weekend!
    sending LOVE right now.

  5. I had morning sickness for 7 of 9 months of pregnancy with my daughter. Not a bit of it with my son. (Actually, my husband had it for me!)

    I found that anything with tomatoes is what made me sick with my daughter. I'd eat it, vomit, then try it again and keep it down. Who knew? They didn't have meds for morning sickness then.

    Blessings and love your direction!


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