Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ultrasound #7

Baby Labrador measuring in at 12 weeks

The baby's head is on the left of the picture. Baby was very active this morning during the ultrasound. At first the physician's assistant said the baby had its legs crossed, and then we could see the baby stretching its legs out. Such a wonder!

I no longer need to take the progesterone or the estrogen. Oh, hallelujah! I am so over those routines. The nurse seemed to think that eliminating those from my system might make me feel better in a few days.

I bought several pairs of maternity pants last Sunday. I was tired of feeling the pressure around my waistline. A few people have commented that I'm showing. Perhaps, but I think it's more likely that I'm just distended from being constipated. I know that's TMI, but I'm just being honest. I have been miserable in the last week or so. Just miserable. I'm eating a high-fiber diet, drinking Metamucil, and I just started taking Colace. It's awful feeling queasy and stopped up!

Next Wednesday will be my last appointment with the RE. It will also be my first appointment with the perinatologist.


  1. Do you have other photos? 12 weeks is a great time to get a "nub" shot and try to guess the gender! :) A girl would be so sweet, but how fun would it be to have a little Michael running around? I am praying you feel better soon, but I am happy the baby is growing well!

  2. Awesome, incredible, beautiful to see the photos! What an amazing blessing. Now, if only you could be feeling more comfortable and less GI stress! Praying for you! Sarah

  3. As I've said before, it is just so wonderful to see these continued great posts! Isn't it amazing how easy it now is to discern that that's a baby in there?

    I am pinching myself for you at the good fortune that is this divinely anointed gift.

  4. Have been thinking about you for a few weeks now.
    My computer broke and was unable to get updates!
    I am so very happy for you! Hope you are feeling better real soon.
    The sono pics are great! Looking forward to seeing this baby grow!

  5. A wonder it is!!! 12 weeks already, wow! Joannah, I really hope you will feel better soon. Thinking of you.

    and a big kiss of Jing :-)


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