Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thirty-eight Weeks

I saw my OB on Wednesday. Dr. S was out sick, so I saw Dr. I instead. He used the ultrasound to measure Michaela and my amniotic fluid. My fluid levels are very good, but he said that also contributes to me feeling uncomfortable. As for Michaela, by his calculations she's already eight pounds.

He checked my cervix and said that I'm only 1 cm dilated, and 30% effaced. Therefore, stripping my membranes was not really an option. Perhaps next week will be different.

When I was being monitored on Monday, I showed three strong (although I couldn't feel them) contractions that lasted quite a while. But, when I went back on Thursday, I only had one and it wasn't anywhere as strong or long as Monday's had been.

I know I'm in the homestretch, but I am desperate to have this baby. I sure hope next week is the week!


  1. I am tickled by the idea of a Mother's Day blessing, but for your sake I hope she arrives before then! :)

  2. Hi Joannah!
    Happy 38 weeks! Happy home stretch. Happy to hear you are dilating and effacing, since it means all systems are go. Happy happy happy happy and cannot wait to meet your little one!
    Hang in there, breathe, and
    WOW! You're about to have a baby!!!
    sending love to you

  3. Surely by Mother's Day, Joannah!!! We are so excited for you!! Wishing you a safe and healthy delivery!!!
    Jan, John & Jillian Rose

  4. You know what my pick is..
    May 7th.. my Daddy's bday..
    Love ya..

  5. Hoping that soon you have a wonderful bundle of joy in your arms... You are almost there. If you haven't, take a moment to write Michaela a letter about the joy of having her inside, because once she's here, you won't have a moment to reflect back on this time. Sending warm and welcoming thoughts to your little one!

  6. How sad is this: You are already farther along in your labor than I ever got without drugs. Go figure. :-) I need to find your post that has my prediction in it...

  7. Ooh! I found it! You have until Tuesday to have this baby girl, or I lose! Come ON, Joannah! Eat pizza and walk! :-)


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