Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thirty-seven Weeks

Michaela is approximately seven pounds now. She is still very active and I feel her movements throughout the day. Poor little thing has the hiccups on a regular basis, but the nurse at the fetal diagnostics department said that's a good sign of lung development.

I think she has dropped. My mom commented that I look different, and I feel a lot of pressure in lower places. I constantly have to pee, and that means I'm up several times a night, whereas before I could get by with one trip to the bathroom overnight. I have been sitting on my exercise ball periodically, and my doula told me last weekend that doing so will help the baby engage (move down). My other pregnancy symptoms are the same as before: back pain, reflux, edema, etc.

My parents finished decorating the nursery yesterday! It is so cute. Today I will take pictures and post them soon.

Thirty-seven weeks is considered full-term - so, anytime now!


  1. Make sure you take a picture of your BEAUTIFUL self..
    Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery..
    you are almost there..
    Love ya..

  2. The nursery is so beautiful! What a peaceful place for Michaela. I hope you both have a wonderful Easter!

  3. Wow, 37 weeks! You made you wait for her to make her appearance.

    Many and continued congratulations.

  4. Very exciting! Stay comfy the next few weeks (easy for me to say, I know!). Will be praying for a smooth delivery!

  5. Enjoy your last few days by yourself. Once M. is here, life will never be the same... It will be a wonderful kind of different for you, but very tiring, too. Praying for an easy delivery...

  6. Soon! Very exciting. I'll be checking in a lot to see if she's here!

  7. No you will not be attending movies this summer but you'll be snuggling your sweet baby girl:) You must be getting super excited for her arrival!

  8. You're almost there and doing great!! Looking forward to seeing pics of Michaela's nursery!


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