Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thirty-five Weeks

This has been a very busy week. I have a doctors appointment four days a week now - once at the OB's, once at the chiropractor's, and twice at the hospital for fetal diagnostics. The day I don't go to a doctors appointment, I have a prenatal massage. My parents don't want me driving longer distances anymore, so they have taken on the responsibility of chauffeuring me to all these appointments. I am truly grateful because I tire so easily.

The appointments at the hospital are to measure the baby's heart rate, and how she responds to any contractions I have. She did well on this week's tests. They also measured my amniotic fluid, and that was in a normal range as well. On Monday, I will go to the perinatologist for the last time (most likely) for a growth scan. If she's still measuring big, I will discuss the options with my OB next Friday. I'd really like to have this baby by the end of the month if she's big. That would just be a couple of weeks early.

I feel like my chiropractic treatments are finally making a real difference for me. Thursday night was the first night that I slept without hip or lower back pain. What a relief! I hope it is the beginning of a trend. The Nexium has been more effective for me this week, and therefore my reflux symptoms have been better. I only had one really bad night with it early in the week. My ankles and feet are puffy on a daily basis, though. Just lovely. I have given up trying to shave my legs because I just can't bend over to do so. Friday I treated myself to having them waxed instead. Now they won't itch anymore!

This weekend my family will be coming over to help me do some things in the nursery. I need them to install a ceiling fan and a new wall sconce, hang window treatments, and help me organize all the odds and ends that have been accumulating. Perhaps things will come together after that, and I will be able to post some pictures of what Michaela's nursery looks like for your viewing pleasure.

Tomorrow is the last day for you to enter the give away by guessing Michaela's birth date and time. Make sure you scroll down to last Sunday's post to enter if you haven't done so already.


  1. Looks like you're in the home stretch, Joannah. Can't wait to meet Miss Michaela. Great pix of your 2nd shower ...what a great big loving family you have (both sides combined)! Big hugs. xo, Shell

  2. I'm no OB, but is sounds like Michaela may have dropped. I know for me, the reflux and back pain (as well as the feeling of not being able to get a real, deep breath) eased somewhat when each of my kiddos dropped toward the end of pregnancy. SO excited for the home stretch for you!

  3. Oh my goodness, you are nearly there. Would love to see Michaela's nursery.
    The itchy leg comment made me giggle.

  4. I can't wait to see her room.. My Mom is almost done with her blanket.. she just has to run the
    ribbon through the blanket...
    Love ya..
    Glad things are coming to better and you are feeling better.. she will be here soon...

  5. I can't wait to see the nursery pics AND baby pictures! I can't believe she's almost here! :)

  6. The leg wax was a wonderful gift to yourself. How fun to do the final touches on the nursery, eagerly awaiting pics! Michaela will be here in weeks, amazing!

  7. I am with Michelle with a K-
    all the sudden a smidge of relief out of no where! I wish I was at 35 weeks that's all I can say!

    I saw those photos of you last week and you LOOK GREAT!!! Holy cow - you have had such a heck of a time I honestly didn't know what to expect and then I saw those photos and said to Joel, "Well she is just a doll!"

    I on the other hand will look like Sasquash by July!

    Funny about the waxing - This is TMI but maybe a good laugh - around week 28 with Aidan I gave Joel a lesson in waxing my bikini! I told him there was no way in you-know-what I was going into labor looking like some 1970's sex-ed model. True, I could have gone to a salon but that actually scared me more then hubby trying it -probably a bit more humiliating too, "Here, let me try to hoist my belly out of your way."

    Can't wait to see your beautiful girl!

    What kind of labor are you "going" for?
    Ep? Water? Natural? Doula? etc?

    Thank you for your email - sorry have not responded yet.


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