Sunday, September 18, 2011

Michaela @ Four Months

There have been so many developments in the last month! On the very day she turned three months old, Michaela began to laugh. It was thrilling to hear her do that for the first time, and I kept acting silly just so she would keep laughing. In the last month, her laughter hasn't been a regular thing, but it's a joy to behold when something tickles her funny bone.

In the last couple of weeks, she began rolling over from front to back, and from back to front. I wasn't the first person to see her do this (dagger in my heart). I think Grammy, Auntie Julie, and nanny Elisabeth all saw her do this before I did. The first time I saw her attempting to do so was in her bassinet one morning, and that was the sign I'd been waiting for to transition her into her crib in her nursery. She has taken to her crib very well, and although I put her down on her back, when I go in to check on her she's usually rolled over onto her tummy. I miss having her sleep right next to me, but our house is so tiny that I can almost hear her breathing in her room.

Michaela is becoming more and more coordinated with her hands. She grasps her toys and brings them up to her mouth. Everything goes in the mouth! She's also started to touch my face. It's very sweet. What's not so sweet is how she pulls my hair. Ouch!

Speaking of hair, she has been losing hers. It's all over her sheets and blankets. Most of the hair loss seems to be from the sides of her head. She has so much hair that I don't think it's that noticeable to other people.

Michaela is wearing a size two diaper, and she wears six months sized clothing most of the time. We haven't seen the pediatrician for her official length and weight, but I'm pretty sure she weighs about 16 pounds.

Her disposition continues to be very easy-going. She rarely cries. When she does cry, I know she must not be feeling well. Her acid reflux is still an issue, and that can cause her to be upset. Michaela smiles all the time and vocalizes a lot. So much personality in such a little person! Her mommy, and everyone else who knows her, is absolutely smitten with her.

Updated after pediatrician appointment on Thursday 9/22/11:
Michaela now weighs 14 pounds and 14 ounces. She is 26 inches long. We have the green light to begin solid foods. I was not going to do cereal, but our pediatrician said it was a good practice food and that I could introduce something else five days later - like bananas or avocados. So, I guess we will give it a try!

She didn't fuss too much after her shots, but she was very cranky last night. Grandma stayed overnight with us and did most of the baby wrangling through the night. She is so good to us both. Michael always told me that his mom was "incredible" and he is right. I love having her here with us every week.


  1. The changes are just astonishing. Michaela gets more beautiful by the day and I can understand why going to work is so hard. I wouldn't want to miss a minute either. Others might see her do new things first but you will always be the one she wants to show and tell all her new things to because you are her Mummy.

  2. I could just kiss those cute thighs:) She is growing up so fast and she is beautiful.


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