Monday, September 26, 2011

But I Don't Like Cereal, Mommy!

What are we going to do, Mommy?

I like the new plastic bib you got for me, Mommy.

What is this nasty stuff? Why are you doing this to me, Mommy? I want my bottle. Waaaaaaaa....

Such was our first attempt with cereal the other night. Poor little dear. We skipped it last night because we were at Auntie's and I hadn't taken any cereal with us. But we tried it again tonight, and although she still wasn't crazy about it, she was a little more open to it. She sure does watch me intently while I eat, so I think it's just a matter of time before she enjoys her cereal.


  1. Oh, she is so adorable even when making icky faces! LOL!

  2. SO cute!!! What kind of cereal are you using? I kwow the twins hated Nestle, but loved Milupa. I think the Milupa was a little sweeter. I'm sure she will be gobbling up everything you give her as soon as she gets used to it. :)


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